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Bf 110G-2 Revell 1/48

After about ten years since I started working on this model, I would like to present you this model! I wouldn't say much about the model, it is already well known to everyone. A very good model of Revell, but the appearance of the new [...]

A Modern 109

A couple articles ago I posted about my Airfix Bf-109 G6. In it I mentioned I had planned on doing a side by side build with the Tamiya version but, due to operator error, I messed up the paint job on the Tamiya kit. I did complete the [...]

Italeri 1/48 Hs 123

Soon after Hitler's rise to power, Henschel started designing aircraft. One of the first was the Hs 123, aimed to meet the 1933 dive bomber requirements for the reborn Luftwaffe. The prototype performed its maiden flight on 1 April 1935. [...]

Heinkel He-111 H-6 6/KG-26Monogram 1/48

Here is my Monogram He-111 in 1/48th scale - a venerable kit which can compete with more recent releases with a bit of care. I had to spend some time filling and sanding to get the clear parts aligned and sealed and there were a few other [...]

Eduard Bf 109E-4, 1/48. 'Emil Over Britain'.

With two Bf 109 kits, I knew one would have to have the classic yellow nose. I also wanted to try the dreaded mottling that made Luftwaffe aircraft so off-putting. Two birds, one stone I thought. This Bf 109E-4 is supposed WNr. 3709, [...]

Eduard Bf 109E-1, 1/48. 'Emil Over France'

I added Eduard's dual-combo 'Adlerangriff' to the stash at the beginning of last year but put off doing it until a few months ago due to the dreaded mottling, which I hadn't tried. I had a few chip aways at the kit in the past, doing the [...]

Horten Ho 229 “naked”

Hello guys, this is the Revell 1/72 kit of Horten Ho 229. For this work I use only Uschi VdR products. For the woodgrain I use the 1/72 decals and for metal I use metal powder. This is my first time with metal powder but I’m satisfied of [...]

First attempt at Luftwaffe 'washable winter' camouflage: Eduard 1/48 Bf-109G-2

This is my first attempt at a Luftwaffe Eastern Front winter camo scheme, and I chose another of Eduard's lovely 1/48 scale Bf-109 kits as a test subject... Faced with the prospect of the Russian winter and without having plans in place [...]

Airfix Bf-109 G6

I had planned on doing a side by side build of this Airfix kit and the 109 G6 by Tamiya. However, I messed up the paint job on the Tamiya kit and I’m still contemplating how I’m going to fix it without having to strip the entire model. [...]

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2, 10639, 3 sqn RAAF, Gambut Main Airfield, Libya, 1942.

1/72 Italeri, built for the Luftwaffe GB, more pic's, details there.