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Messerschmitt BF109E

This is the newest scratch built model completed. The BF109E. Mainly built from spruce. The BF109 what are the most monolithic fighter aircraft of the Second World War. Built by the Germans, the E model had well over 2000 built from 1939 [...]

24-hour build: Heller 1/72 Arado Ar 96

I've previously published an article about my 24-hour Airfix Widcat, and this build followed much the same online format: start-to-finish in a 24-hour period with frequently posted updates. Unlike the new-tool Wildcat, the Heller Ar 96 was [...]

Bf 109 K-4few notices before build...

Great news about all new Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 from Eduard in 1/48 scale. Unfortunately Eduard make some mistakes. All of mistakes could be easy upgrading: I have used both JaPo monographs (released in 1997 and 2000 year) on Bf 109 K-4 [...]

Special Hobby's 1/48 scale He115B-2/C

Hi, guys... this is my latest completed kit and another return to a kit I tried a few years back, and arguably, a better outcome this time. As anyone who has attempted this model will know, it's a difficult kit in places but certainly [...]

Arado 68 F-1, Roden 1/48

Roden from Ukraine is well known producer of plastic kits. They made two variants of Arado 68 in version E and F-1 in 1/48 scale. Both kits are almost same, except front part of fuselage with engine and propeller. Kits are most likely made [...]

Bf 110G-2 Revell 1/48

After about ten years since I started working on this model, I would like to present you this model! I wouldn't say much about the model, it is already well known to everyone. A very good model of Revell, but the appearance of the new [...]

A Modern 109

A couple articles ago I posted about my Airfix Bf-109 G6. In it I mentioned I had planned on doing a side by side build with the Tamiya version but, due to operator error, I messed up the paint job on the Tamiya kit. I did complete the [...]

Italeri 1/48 Hs 123

Soon after Hitler's rise to power, Henschel started designing aircraft. One of the first was the Hs 123, aimed to meet the 1933 dive bomber requirements for the reborn Luftwaffe. The prototype performed its maiden flight on 1 April 1935. [...]

Heinkel He-111 H-6 6/KG-26Monogram 1/48

Here is my Monogram He-111 in 1/48th scale - a venerable kit which can compete with more recent releases with a bit of care. I had to spend some time filling and sanding to get the clear parts aligned and sealed and there were a few other [...]

Eduard Bf 109E-4, 1/48. 'Emil Over Britain'.

With two Bf 109 kits, I knew one would have to have the classic yellow nose. I also wanted to try the dreaded mottling that made Luftwaffe aircraft so off-putting. Two birds, one stone I thought. This Bf 109E-4 is supposed WNr. 3709, [...]