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1/24 Hasegawa Lancia 037 Rally: Usual Hasegawa...

December 12, 2021 · in Automotive · · 4 · 1.6K

037 Rally:
Usual Hasegawa quality and detail. Excellent decals. Used two pack clear coat and think it's a bit
too thick. Probably not use it again? GOAT rally cars..among many:)

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  1. Amazing job, Clarence!
    When I saw this car racing at the Greek gravel roads back in the early 80s, it was love at first sight, meant to last forever!

  2. To me this is the most interesting model in your impressive collection, a Lancia in Martini livery, a perfect car, and the last 2wd drive car to win the World Rally Championship. Welcome to iModeler, but please try not to post so many articles at one time, you’ve knocked everyone else off the front page.

  3. Amazing build Clarence, an awesome car and you've build it really well.

  4. Thanks George, Anthony and Spiros,

    First thanks very much for your support! Second, I apologize for posting so many builds in a short window.
    New here and don't yet know how this great place runs..but I'm learning as fast as I can. Again, I now understand to space my posts out a bit, and thanks for understanding and mentoring me in this protocol.
    We all have seen the videos of the 037's landing a bit nose heavy on landing a 'yump', the almost animal like manner that the entire car seems to flex and blast forward! That Martini livery is far more popular than I imagined. Rare, but I didn't paint the body, just polished it and that's a testament to the great quality of this kit. As with many of us, I'd only like the 'glass-plexi' windows to be a bit more scale correct in thickness.
    I enjoy LeMans, F1 (well usually..), IMSA etc but FIA rallying, specifically certain past periods such as the 'Killer B's' the most. The Stratos one of my favorites. Cheers

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