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1/24 PROFIL 24 E Type Low Drag Coupe

December 30, 2021 · in Automotive · · 8 · 1.4K

Rearranging my shelves turns up a kit I've had at least since 2010? Just as I was now starting my second Pocher Alfa by building the wire wheels... and this archived temptation is found?...(they even supplied two vac window sets) "How hard can a curbside BRG color kit be?" If I pull the trigger b4 the Pocher, I'm sure I can make it more difficult..:) Alfa - Jag - Alfa - Jag... maybe I'll draw straws...? Happily confused...
Should I ?
A moot Q as I usually build 4-5 kits at once...

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  1. I'm eager to see this take shape as I have two 1/24 Fernando Pinto resin kits myself. I've long loved the E-Type!?

  2. A difficult decision, Clarence. The Jag surely begs to be built!

  3. That looks pretty cool! I've always wanted to build a resin car, man I kinda hope you choose this one!

  4. It will definitely look great, Clarence @jagmkx
    Eagerly waiting for your decision.

  5. Please build the E-Type Jaguar first, not enough of these are seen.

  6. Build the Jag, Clarence. Build it build it build it

  7. I'm with Neil, build the Jag, Clarence.

  8. You casually ask for peer pressure, and you GET it:))))) But But But..
    whadda bout my Pocher? Ok I'll put those both up front as soon as I finish
    my 1/72 Revell Shack (soon into decal stage) and the Antarctic Tractor (early assembly & priming stage) and the Tamiya Tiger 1 (soon into primer after all bits fitted) The Pocher will be on the bench for a while...but I'll start building the wheels as some Covid Therapy..arrgh..what weird times we live in...

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