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Sea Fury

Hey, All….Again!
1/48, Airfix, Sea Fury FB.11, Export. My third OOB build but I also used the two Barracuda Cowl sets and Fundekals decals. I normally add some weathering to my builds but this paint scheme looked too nice to dirty up. My only “oooops” was not getting a closer fit between the cowl and cowl ring. This was my first Sea Fury but not the last after building this Airfix kit.
Keep it fun!

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  1. A real beauty! I agree it's too pretty to muss up. Not being an airbrush user, do you know of any rattle can color close to the duck shell grey?

  2. Wow Gary, you been a busy boy! I really like all you brought us today, but this one is my favorite. I'm kind of partial to planes that can fold their wings.

    Well done!

    • Thanks, James! I worked on the three kits simultaneously but I too liked the Sea Fury the best, because it was a new subject, the Airfix kit and the Fundekals with corresponding scheme. Next up would be the P-39 and then the P-51. But I would build all three again.

  3. Looks great!

    How did it go getting the Barracuda cowling and front piece set to fit? It sure looks worth the effort. Is it?

  4. Gary, @gwskat
    Out of the three you posted tonight, this one has to be my favorite too ! It looks perfect. I wouldn't add any dirt or grime on it either... no way ! I have one of the old 1/48 scale Hobbycraft Sea Fury kits and wanted to build it for a "Korean War" project... but after seeing how nice this new tool Airfix kit is, it is tempting to snag one of these for the stash. Unfortunately this one will have to wait for a while... you can't get them all. We have been blessed with some really nice new tool kits lately.

    You knocked this one out of the park. It's a definite "Home Run"...nice choice with the markings. The colors look great together. How strong is the wing fold option ? Do you think it would last for a while on display, or is it flimsy ? Just curious.


  5. Really nice job, I got the same kit as a present last Christmas and not got round to it yet ,what paints / colours did you use ?
    Cheers N.

  6. Gary, this really jumps off the page when you first view the Fury. That scheme really pops. I can see that standing out among the other models on display on your shelf. I can see why dirty it up would not be a process to do on this. Airfix has really hit another home run with this one. Another one to add to the list for next year. Well done, thanks for sharing.

  7. Great job on this Gary.

  8. Lovely Sea Fury! I did this same scheme in 1/72. The kit was an old Novo kit, so the Canadian livery helped hide the age and lack of details with a splash of color. Now you know my secret...!

  9. beautiful...great panel lines too

  10. Nice work Gary - good to see the Barracuda resin in action too!

  11. Nicely done Gary, always liked the paint schemes used on Royal Navy aircraft. Liked that you didn't dirty her up as she looks fine as factory fresh. They all had to be new at one time. I like it.

  12. I'm in agreement with the other posters– keep it clean, it looks great!

  13. A really sick wicked build as the kids would say. Gary, inspired by your work I bought the sets . Looking forward to seeing your next primo build.

    Two thumbs up.

  14. Stunning piece of work, Gary - the colours look spot on - the red really gives it a lift. Sensational as ever!

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