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In-Depth Review: Modelsvit F-82G Twin Mustang, 1/48th scale

December 27, 2021 · in Reviews · · 17 · 56.7K

Happy New Year everyone. A more detailed review of the long awaited 1/48th N. American . Personally one I have been looking forward to ever since it was announced about 2 years ago. Not since the Tamiya P-38 F/G and H, or even the ICM Invader series have I anticipated this variant of the Mustang. Since the introduction of the Korean War Group Build started by my friend Louis Gardner, I had always envisioned having this kit being part of that once it became available. Parked next to a pair of Invaders. Which are still in progress.

So lets go see what we get in the box. The kit arrived on the 23rd just in time to open it on Christmas day. One of two, this one from my dear friend Gordon of Sprue Brothers, the 2nd one from Scott "Rebelalpha" Zuiback that will arrive next week. After removing the shrink wrap and popping the lid. We find two small white boxes. Each containing a set of clear sprues that contain, the canopies, closed or open crystal clear and the landing lamps.

Next one large zip lock back containing the main parts sprues in a medium grey plastic. Within that ziplock bag is another smaller bag with smaller sprues, decals, PE fret and the canopy maskings.

At the bottom of the box is the beautiful instruction booklet. Printed on glossy paper, in color. Paint callouts in Gunze and AK as reference.

The parts map shows what is in the box, each sprue lettered starting with the one piece lower wing, the twin fuselages to weapons in order. The two decal sheets, the PE fret, canopy maskings and the clear parts.

The assembly sequence is similar to ICM and Airfix in directions. Clear and will see how accurate and detailed it will be to follow the assembly process being that this is my very first Modelsvit project. Looking forward to the challenge.

Now on to the plastic.

Upon opening up the ziplock bag I have sprue A which is the piloted or LH fuselage halves. Fine details, engraved and riveted through out the parts. The F-82 is based on the P-51H, and notice how big it is. The tail fillet, tall "H" style vertical tail and rudder, unlike the P-38, there is no stub stab protruding out of the outer rear fuselage. On the inside portion of the fuselage is a rather shallow locating point where the center stab inserts into.

I had a Hasegawa P-51D kit handy and out of curiosity removed the RH side fuselage half to compare to the F-82 fuselage half. Wow look how much larger the F-82 is. It is like a 1/48th kit next to 1/72nd it is that significant in size. And we can all pretty much agree that the Hase P-51 is fairly accurate in shape and size.

Next is the 1 piece lower wing panel. Good well defined details.

The panel lines are crisp, not deep and similar in quality to Tamiya and Hasegawa. The center section of the wing has a space for an insert that allows for the carriage of the equipment radar pod. But also for a B or E variant that Modelsvit will release later next year.

The next sprue contains the upper wing panels and flaps. Nice to display these dropped.

The next sprue is the center upper panel, which also has the gear doors.

Under the center wing panel contains details for the main gear bay. Nice details on the main gear doors.

The next sprue is "E" which is 1 of 2, main wheels, interior bulkheads, spinner, exhaust manifolds for the day fighter, intake scoops,

The main wheel shows very nice details, looking at photos of the real F-82, the spokes look accurate. Only nitpick the tire is not weighted. Rear cockpit bulkhead and lower scoop half.

The details on the front and rear cockpit bulkheads are well executed.

The plastic manifolds are for an earlier variant or day light F-82, something to look forward too. 4 sprue gates hold the spinner which has the correct shape. Careful when it comes time to remove it.

A pair of tail wheels and a full tail wheel interior is included. Again the details look sharp.

The next sprue contains the drop tanks, the radome service stand, the horizontal stab.

Nice set of drop tanks, similar to those used on the P-38. The horizontal stab is of 2 pieces with the ability to pose it lowered as well.

Next sprue contains the paddle style prop blades, which again look accurate compared to images of the F-82. Unusual way to assemble looking forward to this step. Also the instrument panel for the pilot, the prop base and weapons pylons.

The paddle prop blades look correct in shape, the instrument panel and control sticks. The base of the props slip into the nacelles. Still haven't read this part of the assemble if these have a way of spinning once installed.

Next sprue has the special avionics pod, which houses the radar system. Also an option to have it open for service. Nice touch. This sprue also contains the radar operators panel for both the F and G version that is available in this kit.

The radar intercept officer's instrument panel, has both types for the F and G version.

The kit offers an option to display the radar system being service with the nose cover removed.

The center insert carries the avionics radome pod. The surface details on the pod are well executed

The next sprue contains the main gear bay side and front and rear walls and bulkheads. Also the main landing gear struts.

The back of the wheels are very nice with a well defined detailed brake caliper.

The bulkheads, side panels are very nice here as well.

These parts will show a well detailed wheel bay once assembled. Airfix like in nature with a hint of Tamiya.

The next sprue contains most of the cockpit interior side walls, seat frames, and cockpit floors for both fuselages.

The sidewalls have side consoles, boxes, and components molded into each side unique to both fuselages.

Two floors are also included, one which has the boot for the control for the pilots side, where as the other floor has no provision for a control stick.

Very nice touch are the oxygen hoses for the pilot and radar intercept operator positions.

Finally the final sprue which contains the weapons, in this case 8 rockets and rocket pylons. The F-82 also had capability to drop bombs as well. These are not provided.

So far a nice kit just looking at the plastic. Will get started on it and the WIP will appear in the Korean War GB. Hope that will whet your appetite as this kit looks like a winner. Finally a nice modern kit of the F-82 Twin Mustang, we only had the Modelcraft kit which was an incredible challenge but buildable as demonstrated recently with Spiros beautiful rendition of an F-82E earlier this month. Happy New Year and God Bless you all.

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17 responses

  1. Looks like it is a great kit, Chuck.
    Thanks for sharing all this info!

    • Thanks Spiros, your Modelcraft F-82E was a work of art. Especially with all the body work to take a bare metal finish that looks incredible. That was a very well done project.

    • Spiros, @fiveten
      I agree with Chuck. Your Modelcraft F-82E looks really nice. It is especially hard to get a natural or bare metal finish done just right, but you have !

      I have one of the Night Fighter versions of the same kit, and when I get around to building mine, I hope that it turns out half as nice as yours has. Well done !

      • Thanks my friend @lgardner! I am sure your twin Mustang will turn out much better 🙂 !
        One "good" thing with this old Modelcraft kit is that, at least, it is all styrene, so after tons of cleaning you can find yourself with only styrene parts of reasonable looks. Of course, adding resin aftermarket is expected to be challenging...

  2. Great review, Chuck, enjoy building your Christmas present.

  3. Thanks George, normally it would go straight to the stash, but with a couple of projects completed, it was perfect timing to get it started look for the WIP in the Korean War GB. Happy New Year!

  4. This looks like a great kit, Chuck @uscusn
    Never knew that the F82 was that much larger than the P51, in length.

  5. Nice review Chuck should be lots of fun building this kit. At first glance most folks thought the F-82 was two P-51'a joined together. Not true, it was an entirely new aircraft.

  6. BTY, there are only 5 remaining F-82's in the world and one has been restored to flying condition after a ten year restoration project.

    • Now that is one plane I would love to see fly.

      • Tom, @tom-bebout
        That is a very cool article. Years ago, Tom Reilly had his restoration shop nearby in Kissimmee, FL. I made the trip to his shop while it was located there on several occasions. It's nice to see that people are taking the time and giving these old and significantly historical relics the TLC they so desperately need. If they didn't, we would not have nearly as many "war bird" aircraft that we do today.

  7. Glad to see they made mounting pegs for the main landing gear instead of butt joins like their P-51H.

    Based on how the "early/test" builders experience the landing gear, I might spring for some SAC metal landing gear (especially the tail wheels which I tend to bust on Mustangs) when they become available as replacements for the kit parts.

  8. Thanks Dan, did not realize that on the P-51H. It may seem that Modelsvit may have paid attention to that detail and corrected it on this kit. May be why it took a bit more longer to get it out. So far I like what they have done so far. Though this will be my first attempt in building a Modelsvit kit.

  9. Chuck, @uscusn
    It looks like someone was good this year, and Santa brought him a VERY nice Christmas present.

    Thank you for posting such an in depth kit review. These pictures you posted show just how nice this new tool kit really is. I personally think it was worth the two year wait, and I hope they follow up with other variants of this kit soon. I noticed that Sprue Brothers has now sold out, and by the looks of things, Scott on EBay, (Rebelalpha) is on the verge of selling out all of his remaining kits as well.

    Thank you even more for building it up as a part of our Korean War group. Your other Korean War project, the T-34 tank turned out great, and I am definitely looking forward to watching you work your magic on this one ! I too was surprised to see just how much bigger this F-82 is, when compared to the Hasegawa P-51. As Tom Bebout stated, this is an entirely new airframe. It only resembles the Mustang in shape...

    I have the now "outdated" 1/48 scale Modelcraft F-82G Night Fighter. Sometime in January I have plans to start a 1/48 Monogram B-29 with markings for "Command Decision", and if I can swing it, I just might have to build a F-82 as part of the Korean War group too.

    Thanks again for posting this review. I will definitely be following your project in the Korean War group.

  10. Louis, I'm not yet done with my Korea build either 😉

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