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Dark Horse(s): The F-82F Twin Mustang in 1/48 by Modelsvit

The North American F-82 series was a development of the P/F-51H lightweight Mustang and was originally intended as a long-range fighter escort to the USAAF's heavy bombers. Although you can see the lineage of the P-51 in the F-82's clean [...]

Dassault Mirage 2000C; 5-OB; EC 2/5; Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia 1991

Mirage 2000 is a French, 4th generation light fighter developed in late 1970s as a replacement for Mirage III. It later evolved into modernised fighter variant 5F, trainer B, as well as strike D and nuclear strike N. Over 600 were built [...]

Second release: Modelsvit 1/48 P-51H Mustang

The original Allison-powered Mustang was a lightweight fighter with excellent handling capability. North American was aware of this during the aircraft’s original wartime development, and put considerable effort into trying to come up [...]

1/72 BE-12 Chayka Ukraine Amphibious Aircraft

1/72 BE-12 Chayka or Seagull in Ukrainian markings. The aircraft made its operational debut in 1968 and served in the ASW and SAR role and is still flying today with a handful still operating. The NATO, cold war code name for this [...]

Korea The Forgotten War-Modelsvit N. American F-82G Twin Mustang, USAF

When we planned on the Korean War GB, it was an opportunity to buildsome aircraft and ground equipment other than the well known F-86 Sabre, MiG-15's, Panthers and Sherman tanks. The Korean War made use of what was used in WWII, on both [...]

Korean War Group Builds-North American F-82G Twin Mustang

Here is my first contribution to the Korean War Group Build, a Modelsvit F-82G. Nice kit but I had a slightly warped part, not noticeable but wreaked havoc with fit until I found, and corrected the part. The rest of the kit went together [...]

Modelsvit 1/48 Me bf. 109 c-3

Early version bf. 109. Could only find limited information on this version. Several source say only 58 C (Clara) variants built spring to late 1938. C1 being the primary version. Same sources state that C-3 and C-4 were experimental and [...]

Modelsvit 1/48 F-82H Twin Mustang

In October 1943, the North American began work on a fighter with an unrefueled range of over 2,000 miles. The twin-fuselage design was similar to the Messerschmitt Bf 109Z "Zwilling." Although based on the lightweight [...]

Conceived as an interim, born as a twin: F-82G Twin Mustang

Are there "bi-fuselages" as well as bi-planes? No, this linguistically unattractive term has not become established in the history of aviation; it is more commonly referred to as a "twin". These designs are rare in the [...]

1/72 ModelSvit Beriev Be-12 "Chayka"

I received a request from a customer to build a "BE-12". At 1st I did not recall what this was but after some research I found out what is was. I was excited because I enjoy unique builds but then did some research on the exact [...]