Lessons being a YouTuber taught me. Pt. 2

December 29, 2021 · in Uncategorized · 0.7K

If the algorithm hates you, you're done for.

And the YouTube algorithm is a notoriously fickle beast. It's set up in such a way it promotes videos with lots of likes and comments, and then it promotes it on the front page of YouTube to other viewers it thinks will like it, or who have watched similar content.

You read that right. In order to get promoted on YouTube, you have to already be popular.

Which means that as a small, growing channel, you have literally no chance of growing quickly, unless you strike it lucky with a video which brings in lots of views, likes and subscribes. All of this means you are literally reliant on your friends, family and the few subscribers you do have watching your content by sharing it on as many media platforms as possible and hopefully it will grow organically.

But heres the thing...

Getting views from outside of youtube confuses the algorithm. Its designed to try to make people stay on the platform and view as many videos as possible, so when it sees views from outside the platform in big numbers, or even in small numbers, it kinda snorts in derision at them, and thumbs its nose at them.

Also, if your subscribers dont actually interact with you, or watch and like your videos, then Youtube thinks you've bought subscribers and removes them for you, which is nice of them, even if theyre legit viewers.

YouTube has it all wrong. Its designed to promote the bigger channels because they make money, while the smaller channels flounder and go unoticed because they cant get seen. Surely its in everyones best interest to grow the smaller channels bigger so that they can be monetised, and in turn, YouTube can make more revenue from ads instead of focusing only on the big channels that make millions.

I have to say, its hard to keep my head up when the odds are literally stacked against you doing well, by the very platform you're on.

On that note, im going to give myself (another) unashamed plug, and say that i started the channel in August, with the goal of reaching 100 subs by the new year, im currently on 95, and would appreciate if you would take 5 mins to subscribe and help me grow the channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsFPGTX8T_xd9IOVX-a8RSw

I hope the new year is prosperous for you all, and I look forward to seeing more amazing builds in 2022!


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