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I'm Tam, owner of a sincere scale model habit, a youtube channel and high blood pressure. I suspect the last two are related.

Sufferer of ADMD. Not a pro by any means nor a 'Master modeller'. I do it simply because I love it. Results will vary, but that's all part of the fun. Sometimes...

My own harshest critic, never actually listens to my own advice, my own worst enemy when it comes to finishing models (LOL whats 'finishing models'), spends more time making youtube videos now than actual models (start a youtube channel they said, it'll be fun they said...) 0.o

Twitter: KAB_Models
FB: Fortunes Of War Models
Insta: Kits And Bits Scale Modelling
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsFPGTX8T_xd9IOVX-a8RSw

Fez-day Night Live!Finishing the mustang Diorama and Starting the Spitfire diorama

live tonight at 1900 GMT/1400 EST: Fezday night live! Finishing the diorama for the Shelby Mustang, and Starting the Diorama for the PRU spitfire crash. with the usual gang, Starr, Sandy, Beth and Squiddy (link)

Airfix 1/72nd EF2000 Typhoon FGR 2

Video build for the EF200 Typhoon Part 1 - (link) Part 2 - (link)

Der stern Von Afrika - 1/48th ICM BF109 F4Valeriy Grygorenko Memorial Build

I'm not officially entering it, but i was just doing it on my live streams to try to get some more poeple involved, But anyhoo, here it Is, H.J. Marseille's F4 at the time he had 70 kills.

Fez-day Night Live! - Finishing the Valery Grygorenko Memorial group build1900 BST/1400 EST

Tonights Show: Join me as I finish off the ICM BF109 F4 for the Valery Grygorenko Memorial group build - Tonights Topic of Conversation - Why diversity in the hobby is not a bad thing. (link)

How to easily clean your airbrushAirbrush Cleaning 101


Starting out in scale modellingWhat do you need?


Review: Before you build the 1/35th AFV FV101 Scorpion, watch this!


1/48th HobbyBoss P51 Mustang Build - Part 4Weathering and Reveal


How to easily mask your canopies for your model kits


1/48th HobbyBoss P51 Mustang Build - Part 3 - Decals

Its been a while since i did any work on the P51, so here is part three of the build. (link)