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I'm Tam, owner of a sincere scale model habit, a youtube channel and high blood pressure. I suspect the last two are related.

Sufferer of ADMD. Not a pro by any means nor a 'Master modeller'. I do it simply because I love it. Results will vary, but that's all part of the fun. Sometimes...

My own harshest critic, never actually listens to my own advice, my own worst enemy when it comes to finishing models (LOL whats 'finishing models'), spends more time making youtube videos now than actual models (start a youtube channel they said, it'll be fun they said...) 0.o

Twitter: FOW_Models
FB: Fortunes Of War Models

What is the best glue for model kits? - 'What is' Series - Ep.1Fortunes Of War Models · on youtube

Lessons being a YouTuber taught me. Pt. 1

to say the learning curve has been steep, is an understatement. Whilst i never thought it would just be a case or turning up and making videos and boom, i would be sucessful, i didnt honestly take into account the amount of work that would [...]

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AFV 1/35th FV101 ScorpionPt. 3 and Reveal

Apologies for the delay in the upload, i kinda derped a bit, but here is the new video, a day late, but better late than never! · on youtube

AFV Club 1/35th FV101 ScorpionMission Complete

The video was supposed to follow at 1500 GMT today, but i goofed and accidentally put in a bit of classical music that still had a copyright on, so ive had to re edit and re upload, which means it probably wont be uploaded in time for its [...]

The Sub Club Giveaway! - Fortunes Of War Models1/72nd BF109 F4 Trop

To be in with a chance of winning, watch the video and follow the instructions! - Good Luck! · on youtube

Halloween Special1/35th FV101 Build Pt.2

Part 2 of the AFV Scorpion build, this time, I'm covering priming, bleaching, airbrushing, post shading and gloss coats · on youtube

1/35th Panther Ausf A - Kursk

not my greatest ever build. paint scheme ruined a bit by the over zealous use of a bleaching filter which drained the colour out of it. Shame really, i enjoyed building it up until that. This is the much maligned, but very enjoyable [...]

AFV Club 1/35th FV101 ScorpionBuild Pt. 1

Part one of the FV101 commission, this time focusing on the build. · on youtube