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Shelf of Doom

Shelf of Doom:
Mk IXc

This kit has been on my “Shelf of Doom” for about three years. I completed it in response to Roy Sutherland’s “Shelf of Doom” group build challenge on the Barracuda Studios Ready Room Facebook group.

This build replicates the Spit that P/O George “Buzz/Screwball” Beurling flew while assigned to RCAF 403 Sqdn in Sept 1943, and scored his last kill, a Fw 190, while flying this airplane. Beurling was the highest scoring Canadian ace of WWII and scored his last kill, a Fw 190, flying this aircraft. Below is a link to his Wiki bio…

The kit had nothing to do with the model ending up on the shelf. I just lost motivation with Beurling’s personality. The more I studied him, the more I didn’t really “like” him. Thus, my motivation to put in the work needed to complete the build flagged. He WAS a “screwball”. He never reached a rank higher than Pilot Officer during the entire war because he p****d off too many people along the way, even his own squadron mates…and on a continuing basis. Today, you might say that he “was on the spectrum”. That said, Beurling still deserves his place in history…and not on the shelf.

The kit began life as an Eduard ProfiPack Spit Mk IXc (early) but was converted to a late “round tail” Mk IXc with Mk III IFF instead of the “Cheese cutter” Mk II IFF antenna wires…among other small details.
The kit went together well, like any of the Eduard Spits. The only warning, for anyone who hasn’t built an Eduard kit before, is that tolerances are tight so paint on mating surface will cause issues down the road.
I painted the model with Vallejo Air paints and used homemade oil panel line washes for details. Oil leaks/streaks were made using a combination of AK Weathering Pencils, oils, and Tamiya weathering pastels. I used a mixture of kit decals and EagleCals #114 for Beurling’s markings.

My Shelf of Doom is now empty…

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16 responses

  1. This is an amazing Spirfire, Tom @trod348
    The cockpit looks great, just like the painting and weathering as well.
    It would have been a pitty to leave this one on the SOD.

  2. @trod348 Wow! That's a beauty Tom. Great work on an iconic warbird! 🤗

  3. Those under-fuselage oil streaks are really good and accurate - most people miss getting that so right. I';m not surprised you had the reaction to Buerling the person you did; in Wing Commander, JEJ talks about the problems he had with Buerling - who he liked personally - in the Kenley Wing.

    • Thanks, Tom. I spent several hours on google looking for "underside photos" of Spits so I would have a guide for the streaks. I wanted them to be realistic. I saw one photo several years ago that was very good but couldn't find it. I really like the AK weathering pencils. I apply them with a wt brush like water colors and they are much better that the colored pencils. Next comes kill and Tamiya pastels to give a more 3-D look.

  4. Amazing job, Tom, wonderful weathering!

  5. Since I’m currently on the painting stage of one of these great kits, your remarks about late/early Mk IX caught my attention. I have very, and I do mean very little knowledge about Spits, even more when it comes to late war versions, so the antenna observation is new to me. Eduard calls for a “whip” antenna underwing, wonder if it’s correct or not for most late Mk.IXs?
    Also, a very fine model Tom, it really deserved being completed!

  6. Great build Tom! Thanks for sharing this one with us!

  7. Incredible work Tom, it's amazing

  8. Nice job, Tom. Congrats on meeting the goal of emptying the shelf of doom.

  9. That is a purty Spit! Excellent build.

  10. Tom,

    I can easily see your putting a kit on the shelf of doom. I had a kit going of Hans Rudel's Stuka and started reading his bio and lost interest in the kit.

    I find it interesting that some peoples gifts and talents allow them to excel in doing some things but, there people skills and personal life leave little to be desired. They can compartmentalize things.

    Lovely Spitfire and paint job,

    • I am the same with Rudel too. I've got his Stuka and also his Fw 190 D-9 that was built special for him after he was injured and that he flew at the end of the war. His work with ODESSA following the war puts a damper on those builds...and I'm a retired A-10 pilot.

  11. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. Nicely done Tom she's a fine looking Spit.

  12. Great looking Spit!

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