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1966 Chevy Corvair

January 13, 2022 · in Automotive · · 16 · 1.3K
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  1. Beautiful model, John, of an amazing car!

  2. Nice job on your Corvair model. Growing up we had a red 65 with mags, so very much like your model. You just don't see many Corvair models built or otherwise. I would love to find a decent EM model, as I currently have a couple 61's. I haven't found a good model for one of them, not really sure one was ever made.

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    • That's a beautiful 61 Monza Coupe, love the Lakewood wagon in the driveway. Had several of those as well. I now only have the 1964 Spyder coupe.

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  3. Unsafe at any speed! 🙂

    Looks good, John.

    • Despite what Ralph Nader may have written was incorrect. I had at one time owned several of these cars. Drove them in rally's, drove them hard and fast without spinning out or losing control.

      • You did notice the smiley face, yes? Yes, the car-literate know this, which was why I attempted a joke. I will say (from experience) that the 61s just loved to throw their fanbelts, and never ever anywhere convenient.

  4. John nice 1966 Corvair Corsa coupe. AMT kit? There are very few kits made back in the day, though the 69 Monza from AMT was the most common. The easiest way at the time to start a collection not so much now was getting hold of the Promotional models that the dealers used to sell or give away when u bought a new car. In 25th scale. Some quite valuable today.

    • The model is a Monza, you can tell by the badging. Corsa had a badge in front of the rear wheel, Monza behind the front wheel. I should know, I owned both at one time or another.

      • Your correct, it has been about 40 years since I had a 65 Corsa Convertible myself, that one was my favorite of all, in a Mist Blue, White top, Blue interior, 4 speed car. Never advertised it, but some guy in Wisconsin saw it in the background while at a Corvair event we held at Huntington Beach. Part of a Corvair Club that I was involved in back in the early 70's. It was a random photo someone had taken and made the clubs flyer we would print every other month. He saw the car and made an offer I couldn't refused. By the way I still have my 64, sits in my fathers garage. My very first car when I was 16, 1976.

  5. I've had 3 Corvairs, currently I have a 65 Corsa Turbo Convertible that I restored about 10 years ago. 50 years a go I had the same model with the 140 engine. It's always been a unique car. It's amazing GM was able to sell it at such a low cost, they made almost 2 million Corvairs over 10 years.

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  6. Nice work! Growing up we had a '62 2 door hard top, and my sister had a '64 convertible automatic with the lever on the dash.

  7. Looks a little like a Lancia Fulvia coupe on steroids, only a little mind you.

  8. Nice! Would enjoy a little bit more background on the build. Awesome finish.

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