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Revell 1/35 Series III LandRover

March 6, 2020 · in Armor · · 1 Comment

My conversion of a Series III to the type used in Rhodesia with the mine protection installed.

The roll bars are made from thin brazing rod, the mine protection in front of the cab and in front of the rear wheels was done using thin styrene plastic sheet, the cab roof was made from balsa wood and the rear canopy is the kit canopy cut down to length then the front end of it and the rolled up rear end were made from an old hanky.

Land Rover body painted using Tamiya TS-5 rattle can and the canopy done using Humbrol olive drab with Tamiya RAF Dark Green and Vallejo Bronze Green. Registration plates made using normal printer paper and the reg belongs to one of the Land Rovers actually used by the Rhodesian Internal Affairs branch from new (G-LL stands for Government - Lorry Light).

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  1. Nice Land Rover! Reminds me of my old Matchbox car.

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