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Not a Harley

January 19, 2022 · in Automotive · · 18 · 1.1K

Hi, I haven't posted anything for a while so here goes with another motorbike. I don't usually do road bikes but this one caught my eye. It's 's attempt at a cruiser. originally released this kit some years ago, this a more recent re-release with some added “custom” additions, mainly a windscreen and some saddlebags. Talking of the windscreen, I accidentally dropped it onto our laminate floor, I stood up to retrieve it and as I do so I heard a sharp cracking noise, yep I managed to stand on it……….. The resultant damage made it unusable, which was a shame as it was one of the main reasons why I bought this kit. Undeterred I found some clear packing material and fashioned a replacement, it's a little thinner than Tamiya's original, which made it easier to bend it into shape. Unfortunately it hardly shows in the photographs. Anyway, the rest of the construction went to plan and it's finished with Tamiya's spray cans. Thanks for looking, George.

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  1. Fantastic job, George!
    Great save on the windscreen!

  2. Really nice result, George @chinesegeorge
    The replacement windscreen has been created nicely.

  3. Do these kits ever show up outside Japan? I've never seen one even remotely like it over here.

    Nice work on it - the windscreen looks super. The whole thing looks pretty "real."

    • Thanks for taking the time to look and for your generous comment, Tom @tcinla. I would have thought the Tamiya distributor in the U S was under some kind of obligation to import all of their products. Even here in China, where modeling is very much a minority interest, the majority of Tamiya products are available.

  4. Nice Bike and kit, looks super. What heat source do you use to bend the windshield ?

  5. Nice one, George, looks like the real thing.

  6. Nice job, George. Love those Tamiya motorcycle kits, so much detail!

  7. Great kit and looks like it was a lot of fun. The new windscreen shows up well in the photos. Excellent salvage job!

  8. Well done George, and nice save on the windscreen, looks good from here.

  9. That is very cool George! And a great save too! ?

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