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Revell HMCS Snowberry K166 Flower Class Corvette

February 2, 2022 · in Ships · · 15 · 4.3K

This is a build of the . The kit was initially released by in 1979 and has been re-released repeatedly since, often with upgrades or bonus parts. The kit was built for a friend who wanted to use it for wargaming, and paid me in beer for building it! Now how could I refuse that? He asked for an out of the box build, but several of the parts were quite crude, so much so that I couldn't let them go and felt obliged to make some improvements.
The finished model is slightly over 34 inches (868 cm) long in scale. I didn't correct every detail in the interest of getting the build completed in a timely manner, but the majority of the smaller parts were modified in some way or replaced entirely. This was especially true for the guns, all of which were built up from Evergreen and parts from the spares box.

Additional photographs here, and you can follow the link at the bottom to the construction posts:

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  1. Very nice build Jeff. I have the same in my stash and you inspire me to start it.

    As converted old whaling ships went to the battle of the Atlantic, I am sure that there was quite a bit of variety in actual detail and that the kit by Revell may not .

    show that.

    In general and having been around a lot of working ships when I lived in Oostende Belgium. They are quite « dirty/Weathered « the flower class ships one sees in photos especially so !

    I much prefer the look you represent here . Great work.

  2. An amazing result out of this venerable kit, Jeff.
    Your friend must be very happy!
    Well done!

  3. Every ship has its day in the sun. Wiki shows a photo of clean, smart ship. One can assume that in the beginning in the prime of her youth she sailed proud and look like a proud lady. The model looks teriffic and your friend should be happy in seeing your gifts and talents

    Two thumbs up.

    Smashed the like button. Had too.

  4. VERY well done, InchHigh! There is an amazing interactive exhibit at the local war museum - you are on the bridge of one of these things during a sub hunt. My kid loved it - it was very impressive. Though, I must say that my first thought was how cold these guys must have been. At any rate - great model!

  5. I’m not into building ships, but I do like your work

  6. The joy of modelling and even getting a beer for that, Jeff @inchhigh
    What is not to like.
    The result is amazing, so much detail on this large ship.
    Your friend must be happy to receive it.

  7. That's really good work, @inchhigh.

  8. Nice work, Jeff. That kit isn’t for the faint of heart or space challenged.

  9. Great job on this!

  10. Beautiful build. I've always wanted to build one. I read a book about the Flower Class Corvettes when I was on cruise once, can't remember the name of it now, but it was very interesting. Apparently they did not ride well! Made me appreciate doing cruises on Carriers!

  11. Well done Jeff, nice work on the upgrades as well. So what kind of beer did your friend offer you?

  12. Thanks for all the kind words guys, much appreciated!

    @ Tom - that was the best part. The guy owns a bar which specializes in craft brews with over 60 on tap, he paid me in bar credits! He's a great guy, and quite the character.

  13. An absolute feast for the eyes! I spent a full half hour enjoying all the details!

  14. Perfect finish and weathering and meticulously detailed. I especially like your choice of camo colours and rendering of the wooden deck. It belongs in a museum for a whole nation to admire. The corvettes of the RCN are one of the great tales of WW2 heroism, often crewed by prairie boys who had never laid eyes on the ocean before plying the North Atlantic in search of U-Boats. The model is a thrilling tribute to the real thing. Thanks for posting.

  15. Well done Jeff, it's a beauty!
    It's a perfect job done!

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