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1/72nd Hasegawa RF-101C

March 25, 2022 · in Aviation · · 20 · 1K

I recently acquired this kit and decided to build it as it brought back memories of building one like it four decades ago. I'll call it a nostalgia build. The kit is nicely done with clean crisp molding and little flash other than that seen on the landing gear and struts. Because of the small size of these parts, care is needed to clean them up. A sharp #11 blade and a thin sanding stick took care of that flash. There is no detail in the cockpit, but I did attempt to dress it up a bit. The model is finished in Mr. Color aircraft gray with Model Master paints used for the olive drab anti-glare panel and flat black for the tip of the nose. The kit decals were unusable, so I went to a Caracal decal set which was a pleasure to work with. I don't normally build 1/72nd scale but I yielded to the temptation to build this RF-101C. All comments (pro or con) are welcome.

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  1. Beautiful one o wonder! As I remember that nose gear was very fragile. You don't see many Voodoo's modeled.

  2. Fantastic build of the classic Hasegawa, Jim!

  3. Very nice result, Jim @bentwing
    1/72 is indeed quite small. Yours does however look to be a lot bigger due to your building quality.
    Well done.

  4. You definitely brought this old dinosaur (it's even older than you think) back to life. Great result!

  5. Nice work. That brings back memories. That model made me a life long lover of this hobby in 1975. It was the first kit I painted with Humbrol Authentics (SEA scheme). It made me realize how cool you could make a decent kit look.

  6. I liked Tom's comments Jim. Here's one from an old dino to add to yours. Wow, that old bird turned out crisp and presents well. Good work!

  7. Jim, I like your term "nostalgia build". I am a fan of building older kits that challenge you a bit to make a nice model. You have done just that.

    • Thanks Don and I'm with you on building some of the older kits just for the fun of it. As we get older, a look back at our younger modeling days is certainly not a bad thing..

  8. Well done Jim, she's a good looking Voodoo.Nice thing about 1/72 scale Century A/C is they don't take up much shelf space. Nicely done.

    • Thank you Tom, and I surely identify with your comment regarding space taken up by models. I suspect many of us who have been building for some time have their display area pretty full. I surely do.

  9. Jim, that's an excellent job on a kit many modelers dismiss out of hand because of its age. It's definitely one of those "some modeling skills required" models but you've nailed it! Thanks very much for posting it!


    • Thanks Phil, I suspect that you too, like many of us, have taken a trip or two down 'memory lane' to build an older kit just for the fun of it. A close second to that is taking an older model off the shelf and reworking it and then new paint and decals. Again, all just for the fun of it.

  10. Well done Jim - a beautiful Voodoo. Love the century series jets.

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