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A few recently completed projects of my kids.

March 19, 2022 · in Uncategorized · 8 · 0.8K

Had no time to post this article when it actually happens and now is the time. The paint job almost in all cases made by children.

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  1. Great stuff! Reminds me of when my sons were small...

  2. It’s great that you’re encouraging youngsters into this hobby, but please try and wean them off military objects.

    • Dear George (@chinesegeorge),

      Thanks for Your opinion, but I can't agree:) Military objects (aircraft avt, etc) isn't good or bad. The same is for a knifes or cars. It depends on how it is used. Almost all hobby is about military equipment. My favourites are German-Japan stuff from WWII, and I don't deny who started the war and almost exterminated my Nation. I am not sharing war information with my boys (Actually I am avoiding it). But they know what is war, due to the fact that we invited Ukrainian refugees to our (not so big) apartment.

      • Hi Lukasz, first, well done for helping the refugees, there’s not much chance of doing the same here in China. I’m afraid the ongoing conflict has had a big effect on me and I just don’t have the wish to make any military models now, even though I appreciate they are a major part of our great hobby.
        Best wishes

  3. Doing better than I was at that stage.

  4. Great to see yougsters being interested in our beloved hobby as well.

  5. That is so heart warming to see your sons busy at work on their models! ? What a great start for them in this interesting hobby of ours! My hat's off to you Lukasz. Thanks for making my day sir! ?

  6. Nice you are investing time & attention in your children. I think I was about 10 when I started building models , after watching my brothers do it for years. Half a century later I’m still building models.

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