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M1A2 SEP V2 Abrams (1/72)

March 29, 2022 · in Armor · · 10 · 1.9K

These M1 were seen during winter maneuver exercises in Germany.
I liked the worn NATO/bronze green over the CARC tan with the white winter camouflage, so i chose this scheme because I think it's a change from the "usual" M1's because it offers good contrasts.

The kit (Tk7310-G) comes from the 2014 Tiger Model Abrams and the gold edition includes an aluminum barrel, figure, PE parts and a lot of accessories.
In addition, you can build any version of the M1, since all the necessary parts are included - a lot of material for the leftovers box!

I wasn't particularly impressed with the quality of the parts.
A bad fit was ubiquitous, requiring filling, cementing and sanding - I had to adjust almost everything.
The running gear is kept very simple and cannot convince.
Some parts I replaced or built myself.
The new parts of the remote weapon station and the additional armor were flawless.
I also used Orange Hobby antennas (G72-179-48) and a .50 barrel from Master (GM-72-002).
The stuff in the turret basket comes from various manufacturers.

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10 responses

  1. Congratulations, Simon!
    It is really hard to believe this is only 1/72!
    Excellent result on a seemingly challenging kit.

  2. Thanks a lot Spiros!
    The chipping process took some time, but I'm pretty happy with it.
    Also the masking of the tactical markings was a little challenge 😉

  3. Excellent work on this Abrams, Simon @s-nagorsnik
    The camo scheme looks exactly as shown on the real pictures, great work.
    The 'simple' does add a lot of realism.

  4. Fantastic results, looks great!

  5. Excellent and realistic camo in a scheme not often seen.

  6. Thank you so much guys!
    I'm glad that you like it:)!
    This was also my first try to work with different snow products.
    It's not perfect but i had some experience with it.- good for next projects;)

  7. Myself I've only done one project in Braille Scale and thought I was gonna go blind by the end of it. You seem to have the knack for it, this turned out quite well, I had to look twice to be sure it was not in a larger scale. Most admirable work sir

  8. Thanks for your comment Mark!
    I also worked with the 35 scale for a long time, but still learned to love the fascination of the smaller scale.
    Now I want to achieve that you can no longer see any difference between '35 and '72.
    But there is still a long way to go...

  9. Again, the fact it is 1/72 makes it even more impressive.

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