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Hi, i'm Simon from Austria
I got actively back into the hobby in 2021.
Modeling has been a part of my life since I left Lego.
In between there were always a few breaks and a few years in the fantasy tabletop scene, but it never let go of me.
Before that I worked in 1/35 scale and after I got back I learned to love the 72nd scale.
Inspired by the modeler Sergey Golikov.

T-80BV Russian MBT (1/72)

Trumpeter's T-80BV. (07145) At Trumpeter 1/72nd scale models, i'm always a bit skeptical about quality as far as details are concerned. They are not bad, clean casting and good fit and so on, also here everything is available, but I am [...]

Soviet SU-76M 1/100

I´ve planed to fix this project within two days- As a small New Year's challenge 😉 Didn't quite work, the processing of the base took too much time... However, quite a nice kit and for it´s size quite good details and cheap to get. In [...]

German Super Heavy Tank E-100 Ausf.B

I bought this kit second hand and therefore a few parts of the contents were missing. PE parts, a few small parts and the tracks. I got the small PE set from Voyager Model to replace them, but the rectangular grilles didn't quite fit - [...]

TIE Interceptor (1/90)

The TIE fighters have always been one of my favorites in the Star Wars genre. Even if I prefer the classic ones, I have opted for the slightly more "sporty" variant. This is actually my Tie second fighter, the first one was still [...]

M3A1 Lee- Fort Knox, Armored Force School 1942 (1/72)

M3A1- The right choice if you like cast armor 😉 The quality of the Mirage kit was better than I had feared. The lower structure was traditionally multi-part to assemble, but the parts fit together without problems. Only on the upper [...]

M4A1 (76) W Sherman- Operation Cobra, France Summer 1944 (1/72)

A nice little kit but it also has a few disadvantages. Here I also use the opportunity to reduce my inventory of conversion parts a bit;). There are two options for the bogies included- a one-piece, simplified version and one to [...]

M1A1 Abrams- Anniston Army Depot (1/72)

The idea for this project came to me while reading the new issue of the AK Wornart Collection. Representing an M1 in this form seemed like a good idea to me. It is intended to represent a used M1 that is stored in the Army depot and [...]

Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G (1/72)

Vespid Models´ Panther Ausf.G in 1/72 scale (VS720008) Built out of the box. An excellent manufacturing quality. Details and accuracy of fit are very good. The 3d printed IR deviceis also in impeccable quality and has many subtleties. It [...]

The Jom Kippur Veteran- Egyptian T-54 1973 (1/72)

I got the idea from Vallejo's "Red Steel" publication. A egyptian tank after the Jom Kippur war in1973. Some T-54/55 were recovered and repaired with different parts from this series. They also were repainted and used in training [...]

Birdwatch- T-34/76 Vignette (1:35)

Once again a "recycling project" of mine. Since I switched to my new main scale 1/72nd, I don`t work any longer in this scale. However, there is still material for residual recycling. The T-34 turret belongs to a Dragon kit, [...]