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Hi, i'm Simon from Austria
I got actively back into the hobby in 2021.
Modeling has been a part of my life since I left Lego.
In between there were always a few breaks and a few years in the fantasy tabletop scene, but it never let go of me.
Before that I worked in 1/35 scale and after I got back I learned to love the 72nd scale.
Inspired by the modeler Sergey Golikov.

KV-85 Heavy Breakthrough Tank (1/72)

A few words to the KV-85: KV-85 was the last version of the KV tank series to be produced (mid 1943) and was intended as an interim solution until the IS-1 tank, which was still under trial, was put into service. The latter IS-1 was [...]

VK 72.01(K) Paper Panzer (1/72)

Armory's VK 72.01(K) Another paper tank/ what- if project of mine. As far as I have learned, only a scale wood model was made by Krupp and no documents may have survived. Design from 1942 for a 72 ton class vehicle. ...however, I have to [...]

J.M.S.D.F. DDG-174 Kirishima (Kongo- Class Destroyer) (1/700)

J.M.S.D.F. DDG-174 Kirishima By Hasegwa (30045, Hyper Detail) in 1/700 scale. My first experience with Hasegawa kits, 1/700 scale, ships and the ocean 😄 Some things happened durung processing, some time passed by, but in the end I'm [...]

E-50 Standardpanzer (Paper Panzer) (1/72)

E-50 tank in an alternative variant design. My idea behind it was to create a slight departure from the previously known E-50/ 75 designs and incorporated elements of Panther and Panther II. I reduced the original tracks width and used [...]

Rheintochter R1 Anti Aircraft Missile on E-75 Carrier (What-if/1946) (1/72)

My anti aircraft missile "Rheintochter1" on E-75 carrier. (What- if) (Modelcollect UA72092) One of the almost infinite model variants of Modelcollect with their pro´s and contras. No flash, no sinkmarks, sharp edges however, [...]

US International M1124 MaxxPro MRAP (1/72)

M1124 MaxxPro MRAP Vehicle This Galaxy Hobby kit (GH72A03) is quite nice i´d say. It offers a lot of beautiful things, but also has negative sides. There are many pinmarks to remove (fortunately, most of them are not visible or difficult [...]

Kubuś- Warsaw Uprising 1944 (1/72)

Kubuś- Warsaw Uprising 1944 The Kubuś is a Polish improvised combat vehicle used by the Polish Resistance during the Warsaw Uprising in Warsaw in 1944. Idea and built of the Kubuś began in secret on August 8, 1944, a week after the [...]

Panzerhaubitze PzH 2000, Bundeswehr in Afghanistan (1/72)

PzH 2000 Depicted in German afghanistan- camo- scheme. The kit was pretty easy to build without any major problems and even the release of Revell's PzH (03121) has been some time ago, it still can convince with the quality of the [...]

Egyptian T-54: The Yom Kippur Veteran 1973 (1/72)

The Yom Kippur Veteran- Egyptian T-54 This vehicle dates from the period shortly after the conflict with Israel in 1973. The showen model isn´t based on a specific reference but was rather inspired by the idea that in the wake of the war [...]

T-54B, Polish Service (1/72)

T-54B In Polish service, circa 1960. I admit that this decal variant actually belongs on a T-55. But this T-54 is one of my earlier works when I came back to the hobby and didn't take this fact so seriously at the time. !Please forgive me [...]