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Review: 1/72 scale Zvezda Black Shark "Hokum"

April 4, 2022 · in Reviews · · 3 · 1.3K

Greetings to all,

This is another unboxing video of the Ka-50 Attack Helicopter released by Zvezda few years back since the Ka-52 helicopter is used in the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict I figure it would be an interesting subject to make a review regarding a subject that is related to the war. The kit itself has 4 plastic sprue sets all in grey plastic and a transparent sprue for glass canopy. The kits gives 2 schemes decals all black and another camo version in all its satisfactory kit given if you are interested to make few modifications to make it into the Ka-52 helicopter you can make diorama of the helicopter which was used in the recent Ukraine war conflict.

Below is the link of the full kit review.

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  1. Thanks for posting this video; it brings back memories of my Ka-50Sh build.

    A few things though - Ka-50 has little to do with Ka-52 as we see today and I fail to see how -50 would be connected to the current conflict. Yes, it is an evolution of the design but that's about it. There were only around 15 Ka-50 prototypes made before the production switched to two seat Ka-52. Also you cannot just make a few modifications to make it into Ka-52 - that would be a monumental undertaking requiring replacing entire front of the helicopter plus many other smaller details. Unfortunately even the existing Ka-52 kit doesn't cut it, as it is based on a prototype which looks considerably different than the production variant. I have visited MAKS airshow on the outskirts of Moscow several times and I could see how Ka-52 was being upgraded all the time. Also I am not really sure why you deem B&W printed painting instructions not clear enough? Most often than not, colour printed instructions aren't that clear either and you still have to check the recommended paint reference as you do on B&W ones.

  2. I have an in flight action diorama idea.

  3. Please remember when you purchase any products from Russian companies you are helping to fund the atrocities in Ukraine.

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