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I do various types of models from architecture to armor , aircraft and naval modelkits , my passion is more towards naval diorama which has been my gems since young. I do update my current / past work on these social media platforms such as :

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1/350 scale Minihobby USS Enterprise CVN-65 – Review

Greetings to all , This is another review of the 1/350 scale infamous Minihobby CVN-65 USS Enterprise apart from the huge size its an alternative option besides the Tamiya USS Enterprise a good choice for those modelers in a tight budget anyhow[...]

1/144 scale Zvezda Boeing 737/700 Unboxing review

Greetings to all , This is the video unboxing review of the 1/144 scale Zvezda Boeing 737/700 aicraft. Link below for review :

1/72 Revell GTX Boxer Command Post NL

Greetings to all , This an unboxing video of the 1/72 Revell GTX Boxer Command Post NL.

1/72 scale RMAF Aermacchi MB-339AM & MB-339CM variant

Greetings all , This is the Italeri 1/72 scale Aermacchi MB-339 which is build in the Malaysian Airforce variant scheme.The MB-339AM is used by the RMAF from 1983 to 2009 before it was replaced by the MB-339CM which is currently used as a trai[...]

1/72 scale OzMods Pilatus PC-9 – Unboxing Review

Greetings to all , This is the video unboxing review of OzMods Pilatus PC-9 in 1/72 scale. Link below for review :

1/700 Flyhawk HMS Prince of Wales (Unboxing)

Greetings , I just bought this 1/700 scale Flyhawk's HMS Prince of Wales probably the only full hull edition of its kind in 1/700 scale. The kit is the premium edition which includes (PE parts , brass metal cannon , nano parts) since there are[...]

1/35 scale Commando Cadillac V-150 PDRM

Greetings , This is another build of the V-150 Commando Cadillac in Royal Malaysian Police scheme which is from the Hobbyboss kit. My previous build of this subject was mostly closed hatch display with no interior details to showcase. This tim[...]

1/35 scale Landrover Police Jeep

Greetings , This is the 1/35 scale Landrover Police Jeep which is used by the Royal Malaysian Police for transport and patrol duties. Since there isn't any specific kit designed for this version I needed to convert and modify the nearest looki[...]

1/700 scale USS Sacramento AOE-1 (Trumpeter)

Greetings , This is another naval build which was an OOB. The 1/700 scale kit is from Trumpeter which is the only manufacturer to date to produce this class of vessel. The kit overall was satisfying to build the fittings and detail look good f[...]

1/35 scale ACV-300 Recovery Vehicle variant

Greetings , This is the ACV-300 Recovery Vehicle variant operated by the Malaysian army 4th Briged Mekanize armor division. The main body of the armor is made using the AFV Club NATO AIFV while the crane structure is custom build using modelli[...]