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I do various types of models from architecture to armor , aircraft and naval modelkits , my passion is more towards naval diorama which has been my gems since young. I do update my current / past work on these social media platforms such as :

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Review: 1/72 scale Zvezda Black Shark "Hokum"

Greetings to all, This is another unboxing video of the Zvezda Ka-50 Attack Helicopter released by Zvezda few years back since the Ka-52 helicopter is used in the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict I figure it would be an interesting subject [...]

Review: 1/72 scale Revell A-400M - Review

Greetings , This is another unboxing posting regarding the rebox and updated latest Revell A-400M edition this kit has improvement in terms of the decal sheet and the box art itself. First and foremost its a huge bird nonetheless , the [...]

Review: 1/24 scale Tamiya Toyota GR Supra 2019 Review

Greetings to all members, This is an unboxing review of the Tamiya brand 1/24 scale Toyota Supra which is the latest Supra in Toyota's production line the car itself is impressive with its state of the art design and slick aero dynamics. [...]

Review: 1/72 scale Flyhawk SBD-3 Dauntless (Video review)

Greetings, This is my latest review of the SBD-3 Dauntless from Flyhawk overall comment I can say its a must have item if you are Battle of Midway or a SBD fan plastic parts and overall kit looks promising ! Enjoy the full video link [...]

1/72 scale WWII diorama Ka-Mi Tank Saipan 1944

Greetings all, Here is another addition to my build list which is the unique WWII Japanese amphibian tank which was used during WWII especially in invasion of the Marianas 1944. The tank kit is from Dragon kit which is a good kit straight [...]

1/72 scale AW109 LOH Malaysian Army Aviation Force PUTD

Greetings to members, This is my latest build which is the 1/72 scale AW109 LOH used by the Malaysian Aviation Unit for the army. The helicopter is mainly used for air reconnaissance and close air support. Currently the Malaysia PUTD unit [...]

1/144 scale RMAF DHC-4 Caribou

Greetings to all members, This is another 1/144 scale build which is the RMAF vintage air transport the retired DHC-4 Caribou which was decommissioned in the year 2000. The model kit was used was A-Models which had many fitting and gap [...]

1/144 scale RMAF Sikorsky S-61A "Nuri"

Greetings to members, Here is my latest build of the Royal Malaysian Airforce Sikorksy S-61a which is the longest serving helicopter in the air force which was scheduled to be retired due to increasing numbers of fatal air accidents. The [...]

1/144 scale RMAF Sukhoi Su-30MKM

Greeting to fellow readers and members, This is another of my build which is the Trumpeter 1/144 scale Sukhoi Su-30MKM from the Royal Malaysian Airforce which is still in used today. The kit itself was wonderful to work with as there were [...]

1/72 scale RMAF CA-27 Avon Sabre Mk.II

Greetings to all members, Here is my latest build, the CAC Avon Sabre's was used by the Malaysian Airforce since the 70's designated into the 11th Squadron based in Penang, Butterworth airbase. The model used to produce the Royal [...]