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Westland Whirlwind Mk.1

November 13, 2021 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.8K


This is a great kit. It's not for beginners and there are many challenges but the result is an impressively large and detailed aircraft model. The landing gear gave me fits - it is very fiddly and fragile but it looks to be very accurate. The cockpit is another area of strength with detail rivaling many resin sets. As with all Special Hobby and short run kits, test fitting every part is a must.


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  1. Richard, @rbungay
    This turned out magnificently, and I'll bet it takes up some real estate on display. This is one of the neatest looking planes. I can see traces of other fighters in it's outline. The tail section reminds me of the Gloster Meteor or a Fairey Barracuda, and the engine nacelles (and landing gear) look like they were borrowed from a Mosquito. I have the ancient Classic Airframes 1/48 kit in the stash, and I dug it out a few months ago... then decided to put it back away again where it still remains to this day. One of these days I'll build it.

    The photos you have posted on Flicker show off the cockpit details very nicely. It looks real nice.

  2. Great looking plane, Richard (@rbungay). All the work you put into it has certainly paid off. Getting the checkboard on the tail must have been fun.

  3. Excellent result, Richard!

  4. Great looking Whirlwind, Richard @rbungay
    That checkerboard pattern must have indeed taken you quite some time to get that done.
    Well done.

  5. The SH Whirlwind is indeed a great kit, but the important part of the equation to get a model of this distinction is the modeler. Great work, sir.

  6. Richard, that is beautiful work sir! Very impressive result, superior craftsmanship! ?

  7. Really well done. The more Whirlwinds I see, the more they grow on me and the more I want one to build.

  8. Excellent work, Richard. Love the Whirlwind.

  9. Ditto what everyone has said. You've done a fabulous Whirlwind here Richard@rbungay. Looks like a superb kit in comparison to torturing oneself with the old Classic Airframes 1/48 Whirlwind. I wouldn't wish that wretched kit on anybody. Leave it in your stash forever, Louis @lgardner!

  10. Great job, looks great! Also very nice overall finish. ?

  11. Very nice - the paintwork is especially nice.

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