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Death Star II - Bandai

April 7, 2022 · in Sci-fi · · 10 · 1.4K

It only took a few days of construction and painting to have a cheeky little table decoration. boxed the Death Star II with a Star Destroyer, originally I wanted to build the warship, but the superweapon got me. It can be put together in just half an hour, I haven't used glue anywhere. Sure, the joints could have been sealed here and there, but I didn't deal with it. The base color is Tamiya XF-19 sky gray lightened with flat white. I painted the panels with artistic oil, as I could safely wash back on the acrylic base and repair it with thinner. The colors I used: Abteilung snow white + Rembrandt Payne gray.

I hope you like it! ?

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10 responses

  1. A beautiful and not often seen model, Istvan!
    Well done!

  2. Very cool Istvan! ?

  3. Not so often seen object, Istvan @havrilistvan
    Your build looks amazing, especially this size.
    Those close-up picture do make it look a lot bigger.

  4. The Emperor would approve this build, Istvan.
    I can hear 'The Imperial March' playing in my head.

  5. The half built Death Star II while not the coolest (or even my favorite) vehicle in the original trilogy, it is hands down my favorite model from probably any sci-fi movie. When I was a kid I had (still have) the movie companion with all the behind the scenes photos and stuff. There is a photo of George inspecting the very large studio model and I've spent hours during my youth looking at all the delicate details the ILM model builders put into it! Your's is the first time I've ever seen the back of the unfinished Death Star and I've often wondered what the studio model looked like from that angle! (Did ILM modelers finish it or did they only complete the hero side?) This is one I wish Bandai would scale up to about 12" (or bigger!) along with an Imperial Shuttle.

    The detail in the model (both the kit's and your painting) is very impressive especially when we see how small it really is!

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