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Hungarian Air Force Bf-109 F-4/B1/48 Eduard Profipack.

April 21, 2022 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.1K

Hi all.

Here is my latest completed model:

Messerschmitt F-4/B - Profipack model. Mounted from the Box.

This aircraft coded V-+07 was piloted by Sgt Dezsö Szentgyörgyi of the 1/1 fighter squadron of the Royal Hungarian Air Force and based in Rossosh (USSR) at the beginning of 1943. (29 confirmed victories).

Paints used: MR Paint RLM 74/75/76/04 and washable white (Modelcolor white + wahsbale agent AK)
Decal Sheet: SBS Model D48025

For the diorama, I used strips of wood to mix coffee from Action to make the wood floor.
A few grasses and tufts of grass from Mini Natur and for the snow, various products from Noch, AK and Vallejo.
Zeechuim to make the shrubs.
The figurines are of different brands, either resin or white metal.
The sled and the bomb are from KMC.

Here are the photos.

I hope you like it


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  1. Definitely like it, Jean-Paul @jipsx
    The detailing is amazing and the diorama is true craftsmanship as well.
    Two thumbs up.

  2. An absolutely superb diorama, Jean-Paul!
    Lost of words for the overall superb result!

  3. Your diorama is so evocative I had to put on a sweater while looking at the photos. 🙂

    Very nice work - everything to the same standard of quality, and a very good "story" told - the definition of a good diorama.

  4. Excellent build, looks really nice!

    Szentgyörgyi survived the war, and returned to flying as airline captain. Unfortunately, shortly before retirement, his plane crashed into the Baltic Sea while approaching the airport in Copenhagen.
    I passed by the memorial place a few weeks ago.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  5. Very Very nice build with amazing snow!

  6. Jolie réalisation, spécialement le décor hivernal.

  7. That is a real beauty! I saved it for reference for my 1/72 Bf-109 project.

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