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MIGS..... 1/72 too small...1/48 too big:)

April 19, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 5 · 0.9K

Excuse me for my need to whine... I want to build a MIG 29, Foxbat, or 30 whatever.
I just got the MIG 29SMT Fulcrum kit. Nice but for me...I don't build 1/72.
The scale is my preference for aircraft..but in 1/48 a MIG, as we ll know, that's a big model
and essentially takes up most of a shelf in any of my three $ display cases. Also why I don't do dioramas.
All my cases have additional dust sealing mods which work far better than I hoped!
NONE of my kits sit out in the open..just not the way a dust hater rolls:)
Just wanted to purge my frustration of the 'scale effect' of the latest MIG aircraft...
I keep opening the 1/72 MIG-29SMT Fulcrum Trumpeter kit..hoping that it will suddenly appear larger...(that has not worked:) It's off to eBay I guess...
Pay no attention to this whining..just needed the therapy of posting my pain;)


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  1. Displaying finished models is always a matter of concern and can be an issue at times, Clarence.

  2. Well Clarence, when I returned to scale modeling as an adult, I decided on 1/48 scale and I've only built in that scale ever since. My OCD just won't let me display different scales together. Heck, it was a big step for me when I placed my 1/35 tanks among the aircraft. ?
    And, like you, I just hate dust getting on models. Some does get past the display doors but it's manageable for periodic "dusting" with an old sable brush. I could use another display cabinet right now, but finding space for that is a problem.
    As for MiG-29s in quarter scale, I seem to recall a few showing up in recent years.
    I built the Monogram version back in the early '90s I believe. Perhaps it was the first of the type in that scale?

    • I too only build in 1/48 (with a few rare exceptions). Sometimes it can be a hassle!
      My RC friend around 1990 "No one will ever make a 1/48 B-36."
      HPH around 2018 "Watch this!"

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. if 1/48 is too big, you can always make crashed or burnt version 😛 or 1 model in 3 dioramas

    make a hole, put tail in, sprinkle a little of dirt = crashed

    make a blue base for sky, with cotton for clouds, stick nose and cockpit in cotton = vertical climb through clouds or if horizontal - sonic boom

    for maintenance diorama you can scratchbuild base as factory floor, middle section painted in primer with landing gear on jacks, one wing on stands ready to bi joined with fuselage, other wing on overhead crane

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