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Ukrainian BRDM-2UM KFOR, Pristina, Kosovo (Trumpeter 1:35)

June 1, 2022 · in Armor · · 12 · 1.3K

This is somewhat off topic (i.e. not part of any group build) but nevertheless recent. Since I wanted to show some support to Ukrainian Europeans currently battling for freedom, I spent quite a bit of hours getting this build done. I built the model straight out-of-the-box but changed the decals to a Ukrainian BRDM at KFOR over the past decade. Decals are AK806, the model is Trumpeter's #05514.

I built this over the course of three monts with variable desk time, I've been quite busy in scale 1-1 lately.

Short history: The BRDM series of AFV is a Soviet-era amhibious scout car. In the BRDM-2UM version it is rather a comms and recce vehicle, however fully amphibious. There is an internal water jet that can propel the vehicle through slow-moving yet deeper internal waterways crossing the countryside. Apart from that, it has decent off-road capability with ground clearance ca. 430 mm. First introduced in the early 60-ies about 7000 have been built. They were recently even used by both sides in the ongoing conflict. For more info, see:

The kit: This is an older Trumpeter kit, but you have to give this manufacturer credit for the extensive range on ex-Soviet- and Russian built vehicles, there are not many non-Russian brands who have a crack at this. Laterly, these Soviet-era vehicles have been on twitter over and over again, so I shifted my focus somewhat away from Jerry-WWII use cases. The kit is finely molded in grey styrene with a PE fret, clear parts, cabling and decals. The decals are exclusively Russian/Soviet so I declined...

Build, painiting and : This kit went together like a charm, it is not my first Trumpeter, but certainly not my last either πŸ˜‰ The manufacturer supplies the BRDM in many versions with one mold for the upper hull, so depending the kit and mark, there is some filling to do. I first primed the model using a matt black acrylic to fill some small gaps. There was some prepping needed on the clear parts, including masking, but I decided to paint them from the back using clear blue enamel beforehand. After the black primer I added acrylic Russian green base (AK as well) and then added the decals. It's the first time I use , I must say I am pleased, previously I was a devoted enamel boy instead... The fact that these are odorless in presence of my young kid helps getting support from the local commander in chief πŸ˜‰

Weathering started after decals had been sealed using acrylig dullcote. Then I added an oils wash in minerals spirits. After that followed a pin wash and streaking, also using oils (yellow, white, black and brown) to get some rain streaks on the model that shot was thinned with lighter fluid, which dries faster. Finally I dusted the underside and wheels on the vehicle using some pigment mixture, as you can see it's been a while the car didn't swim... I finished installing the final clear parts after that was done. The antannae are from a suitable guitar string I purchased years ago in Berlin - Chausseestrasse... Time flies...

Here are some more pictures:

and here:

I liked this build a lot, ready for more. I have been off this site for quite some time (apologies my friends). But the good news is I'm building whenever life in 1-1 allows for it. I hope you are all OK and wish you the best from Europe!

Happy modelling!

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  1. An excellent model, Michel!
    Love the painting and weathering.
    Thanks for sharing its history and build details!

  2. Hi Michel, I have been to Kosovo twice in person, your BRDM looks very good.

  3. Great work, Michael @michel-verschuere
    The paintwork and weathering is indeed excellent.
    Also the article is a worth to read.

  4. Nicely done, Michel!

  5. Good work, Michel, let’s hope this madness in Ukraine stops very soon.

  6. Nice work Michel.
    great to know more on Soviet armour. amphibious is a must in the vast Eastern European landscapes.

  7. @johnb @roofrat @chinesegeorge @gblair @bernardbedeur thanks for your comments guys! Glad you liked it, took some more pictures in direct daylight for your interest!

  8. Sweet build, Michael.

    Looks like it's just come in from an ops mission, freshly muddied!

    Excellent work.

  9. Michel, it's good to see your excellent modeling skills at work no matter the era of the subject. We have missed your diligent work my friend. Inspirational and well researched summary with the model. Thanks for sharing and hope all is well.

  10. @snowman @uscusn thanks folks. I try and build whenever I can. It's an escape for me really but scale 1-1 sometimes prevents, I'm sure you know what I mean!

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