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I've had modelling as a hobby practically continuously since I was 8 years old. My first model was an F16 I got from my father at the age of 6. After a few years, I started to build models myself, developing skills on the go. I have no particular preference for the model type, as long as there is an interesting history to it. The constant interplay between technical skills, history and satisfaction-after-the-build is what I like about this great hobby.

Stalinetz Soviet Tractor and ML-20 Howitzer near Kursk 1943, 1:35

I had this build in mind for a while and both kits were in my stash since last year. Although the current worldly events made me doubt initially whether a Soviet build was appropriate, I did go ahead with it nevertheless. After all, it's [...]

Germany: Sixty years of division, 1:35 Scratchbuild

This build began about 33 years ago, yes: thirty-three years! In late November 1989 my late father told me that the second world war was finally over with the re-unification of Germany. To this date, I kept the Paris Match special on the [...]

Luftwaffe Flakturm ft. Flak 40 Zwilling ca. 1943, Scratchbuild

This is my contribution to the Imperial German Air Service / Luftwaffe Group Build, athough for once it ain't no airplane! (link) Here you can follow the progress report: (link) As you can see, I finished this one but I did so in Winter [...]

New Russian T-72B3 with 4S24 Soft Case ERA & Grating Armour (Trumpeter #09610)

Some kit manufacturers are blatantly fast in developing new products that relate to recent developments in the news. Trumpeter certainly is in the field of Armor models, with a T-72B3 variant featured of a rooftop cage in welded steel, [...]

Ukrainian BRDM-2UM KFOR, Pristina, Kosovo (Trumpeter 1:35)

This is somewhat off topic (i.e. not part of any group build) but nevertheless recent. Since I wanted to show some support to Ukrainian Europeans currently battling for freedom, I spent quite a bit of hours getting this build done. I [...]

Berlin: Sixty Years of Division (Scratch 1:35th Scale)

Topic: This project envisaged the modeling of a BT 4x4 command tower of the East German border as they started to appear in both Berlin and the German countryside since about 1980, when the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) was near [...]

The Empire of Japan: Type 97 Chi-Ha tank with diorama (Dragon 1:35)

This is my entry to the Empire of Japan Group Build hosted by my dear friend Louis Gardner . @lgardner The build extended over about 9 months, not because the kit was so hard but rather because I could not free-up sufficient time to finish [...]

My 2020 in review

Hi all, happy New Year! Just a quick one on what 2020 brought for me. I seriously lacked modeling time ๐Ÿ™ but did manage to finish three models this year: Aco dei Fileni, Lybia (scratch) This must have been the longest build I ever [...]

BMP-1 in Iraq 1991- in 1:35 โ€“ Italeri

This is my crack at Italeri's kit #6520 of the Soviet-era Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) BMP-1. The kit lists by Italeri as from 2014 but the mold is ESCI dating back thirty years, but more on that later... I got this kit at Modellbau [...]

T-72B variant in Syria 2016 โ€“ MENG + Diorama

I started this project right after the Arco dei Fileni build. The concept centers around an ongoing conflict, in Syria and involves a modern MBT, still in use today. I not normally build modern vehicles โ€“ leave Russian ones โ€“ but [...]