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1/48th CH-47F

April 29, 2020 · in Aviation · · 8 · 3.3K

This is my 1/48th scale CH-47D converted to the CH-47F. Since I had the D version in my stash, and conversion to the F model was fairly straightforward, I decided to convert as opposed to buying Italeri's F model. But then I ended up buying the F model kit anyway hoping it would include the Pall, Pure-air sand and dust deflectors mounted on most F's. Turns out, Italeri's F kit didn't include them, nor did it include the F model's updated (EFIS) instrument panel, which I scratchbuilt for my D to F conversion. Despite the fact that many F models are still flying without the Pall S&D deflectors, I still wanted mine to have them. Numerous attempts at scratchbuilding them didn't go so well and I was about to give up when I found a company called that 3D printed them in 1/48th scale. The shapeways S&D deflectors are really well done, their service was excellent, and they were fairly inexpensive.

I was a bit surprised that when Italeri released the F model kit, they only included the over-sized exhausts, which I included on my model, and some additional antennas. The kit didn't address the intakes or the cockpit upgrades at all, although, after assembly, you can't see much of the cockpit anyway.

Overall, the kit assembles well and it was an enjoyable build. Hope you all like it.



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  1. That's a very imposing model, Scott, beautifully built. Got to build one some day, finished in the not very common "Asia Minor" camo, as the first CH-47C Chinooks were delivered to the Hellenic Air Force back in the early 80's (they were part of a cancelled Iranian order!).
    All the best!

  2. Looks great, got any photos of your instrument panel?

  3. Very nice mate!
    The detail inside still looks impressive through the glass and the openings.

  4. Well done Scott, nice work on the Army's old work horse. Some folks don't realize she's fairly fast as well.

    • You are right Tom. The Chinook is, in fact, the fastest conventional helicopter in the world I believe, although VNE (Velocity Never to Exceed) varies based upon the aircraft's weight. Aerodynamically, the dual rotor design marginally offsets retreating blade stall, which is the main reason a helicopter's speed is limited.



  5. Nicely done, looks great!

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