My old panzer kit from years ago was never painted (1975) Plastic modelling has come a long way in 2022!

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I grew up during the 70's finished high school in 77! The old Monogram models where abundant back then I was inspired by Shep Paine had no idea there was a plastic modeller's club and soon after high school I joined up with

IPMS Edmonton Chapter. We have modellers who fit into three categories Armour, Aircraft, Car modellers...

Yes we do have the odd science fiction and boat modeller as well, My favourite subject is figures, armoured vehicles

in 1/35th scale and figures too! I have some aircraft as well 1/48th scale is the scale I prefer when building aircraft.

The first photo is my old Tamiya Panzer IV from 1975 I put side skirts, plastic railings and bits of photo-etch too!

I experimented with resin-casting for a short time, I really like the 3D printed products now but like everything else

there is good and bad too. The lower photo is the NEW Rye Field Model Stug IV for comparison...

The second photo is a copy of the old Monogram tips on building dioramas. I have kept all the old kits with inserts too!

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  1. Both the 1975 Panther and 2022 are wonderful, David!
    Welcome aboard!

  2. Welcome David @drusterh
    A lot has happened over those 50 years for us modellers, all in favor of creating beautiful kits.

  3. Hi John, yes the years have flashed by so fast but we have a lot to look forward to in the years ahead!

  4. The advances made have been amazing, but the main thing to do is to have fun. What will the next 50 years bring? Hopefully no more wars.

  5. Nice introduction piece welcome aboard the imodeller boat.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your articles.

    • Hi Brian, that old kit of mine was photographed at the home I grew up in it eventually got tossed and never recovered. I do have more kits of the same so will have to rebuild it again and paint it this time around! Thanks for the warm invite, cheers

  6. I was a 1960's teen-aged model builder and used to ride my ten-speed from from my childhood home in northwest Chicago into Morton Grove on Caldwell Ave and there it was, the Monogram Model Company! My own personal mecca. I used to think that if I hung outside long enough, someone inside would feel sorry for me and throw me a kit just to make me go away (like a sad puppy). And I think I actually have that Tamiya Panzer kit in my stash right now. So welcome back to the hobby. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. And thanks for the memories.

  7. Hi David, I am glad to bring back the memorable past it sure was an exciting time! Did you ever take a photograph of the company I will check and see if there are any online photos of the Monogram business.
    The logo is such a classic now. I will retire from the job and work from home and my hobby will be close at hand to do when ever I want! Nice to meet you take care,


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