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Suzuki RGV (XR89) Tamiya 1/12

September 23, 2022 · in Automotive · · 21 · 1.2K

Back in 2014 my friend Jack Mugan @camaro1 posted his build of this kit, it was his first, and, as far as I know, his only motorcycle kit. In fact, Jack was the first person to post a WIP thread on the then new Automotive group. I thought eight years was long enough to wait to post my version.

It's quite an old kit but holds up well compared to more recent models. raced this bike in 1999 with much success, particularly with Kenny Roberts Jnr as their number one rider, surely a legend in his own lifetime.

The kit comes with a chrome plated frame and front forks.

I know that some people like to remove the plating and paint the natural metal finish themselves, but I decided to keep the plated finish.

Here are few more pictures of the build.

Like most modern racing machines the colour scheme is very transfer dependent. I think have updated the transfers since the original release and they went on without any problems. Apart from the basic white finish the only part that needs painting, other than the details, is the under cowling which gets a coat of French blue.

Here are a few more pictures of the completed model.

I'm sorry if there are a lot of photos but I was so lucky with the weather that day.

My QA inspector feels that the number 10 on the nose isn't quite central, she may well be right.

Whatever, thanks for looking, any questions please ask. Happy modelling.

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  1. A wonderful result, George! AND approved by your authoritative QA! What better than a beautifully built 1989 RGV-Γ?
    Those were the days of dreams! Thanks for sharing it! You will definitely make me building motorbikes!

  2. Thank you, Spiros @fiveten, I’m looking forward to seeing your first motorcycle model here on iModeler.

  3. Nicely done George, I also have this kit in my stash, I too look forward to an entry from Spiros.

  4. Hi George! You really do incredible work on these little jewels and I love to see your posts. Please keep them coming.

  5. Great result of a mean machine George. Oh how I loved the days of the wailing two strokes... wonderful sounds, great smell of the burning oil and and took a great rider to ride them well. I am fortunate to have on two stroke in my full size collection... a 1988 SUZUKI RGV 250 VJ 21. Sorry for posting a full size here...I just can't help myself...LOL

    • Here’s Rory’s @rory life size Suzuki, fully restored eight years ago.

      Looks nice, Rory.

  6. Okay, the photo wouldn't upload anyway.

  7. That's a hot looking crotch rocket, beautifully built. My kid always says my decals aren't straight.

  8. Thanks, Bill @billkoppos, I always say that unless your name’s Picasso you can only see one side at a time anyway.

  9. Another great bike, George @chinesegeorge
    An amazing Suzuki, wasn't this bike also used by Kevin Schwantz.

  10. George this amazing , looks like a real bike, honestly ! , if only Tamiya would bring a kit of my little FS1-E .

  11. George, that last photo of this model could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Excellent work all around and a really great result.

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