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iModeler tutorialUnderstanding what iModeler is about

Database entry · October 14, 2022 · in How-to · · 394

iModeler is a new kind of online hobby community -- also voted as the Best Modeling Club on the Planet! Here is a short overview of what it can do.

  1. It puts you in control. No more waiting for days or weeks for your article to be published. Your modeling is always welcome to take the stage - all it takes is just a click of a button!
  2. It's brilliantly simple to use. With near-zero learning curve, start collaborating from any location, with any device, or multi-device.
  3. Unlimited picture space - and you'll never need to worry about any technical details. iModeler will just make your pictures look beautiful - period.
  4. Make friends. iModeller will help you make real friends (as opposed to !*.½^% online friends) and stay informed about their modeling activity.
  5. Your portfolio. All your posts are kept together in your personal portfolio. It's the diary and log book of your modeling.
  6. Start your own online group - for your next group build, local modeling club, event, or just you and your buddies. You run the group - we'll take care of the plumbing.

Getting started

Start by creating an account. It is free, always will be, and will instantly open a wealth of features that aren't available, or even visible, for guest visitors. The importance of creating an account cannot be overstated. You may be a regular guest of our website but really, unless you have an account you're still looking at iModeler through a keyhole.


Once you've logged in but feel new to the environment, follow this guide for 3-minute explanation of what you can do: iModeler tutorial - Navigating the front page


However your modeling is, we want you to post about it. Posting is important - it will create a flow, context and track record in your hobby. You decide how to do it -- through headline articles, WIP threads in groups, or a personal diary. Start gently - check iModeler tutorial - Posting your first article at iModeler: A gentle introduction

Happy modeling!

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