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iModeler Tutorial – Front-page channel switch

Any returning visitor to iModeler could not fail to notice how rapidly this site is growing these days. With 200+ headline articles per month being a happy new norm, our front page is being entirely redrawn every day, constantly bringing new interesting articles. This requires checking-in daily to keep up – indeed, we can see that many of our visitors have already started checking in several times a day, and we’re certainly very happy to see that.

However, the rapid pace of updates can make it a bit challenging for anyone to keep up, much less locate that interesting piece of content that you might remember seeing only a few days ago.

We certainly wouldn’t like anyone to miss out on anything inspirational in their area of interest.

To that end we’re introducing a category/channel switch at the front page. It comes in the form of a simple navigation bar that will allow you to quickly jump between the different content categories, for example Ships, Armor, Automotive or Kit Reviews. Each category works like a channel where you only will see content of a certain kind.

Go to the front page to try it

The control also gives you a quick access to our entire A-Z index which I can warmly recommend exploring!

The selection of channels we made for this “remote control” will be governed by what’s popular at iModeler, and choices may evolve over time.

So now you can zap the channels to your heart’s content, and by doing so, discover more of the wonderful content that’s relevant for you. Enjoy and as usual, tell us what you think!

10 responses to iModeler Tutorial – Front-page channel switch

  1. Excellent feat Martin, thanks for pampering us users!

  2. Thanks for the continued improvement and features, Martin…..big help!

  3. Martin, great idea and great execution! Pleasantly surprised by the top photo in the aviation section. I recognize him! )))

  4. Hey Martin, as someone with a touch of OCD I love tidiness and order and this really puts everything in its own boxes ,I love it, thanks for you guys ongoing improvements.

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