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iModeler Tutorial – Front-page channel switch

Any returning visitor to iModeler could not fail to notice how rapidly this site is growing these days. With 200+ headline articles per month being a happy new norm, our front page is being entirely redrawn every day, constantly bringing [...]

iModeler tutorial – Sharing Youtube (Vimeo, etc.) videos on iModeler

Recently we have updated iModeler's capability to incorporate content from other sites, including videos from Youtube, Vimeo and a plethora of other services. Briefly speaking, any video found on Youtube can be easily relayed on iModeler [...]

iModeler is encrypted with https

Dear all, As of today, iModeler uses https for all users and visitors. This means that whenever you access our site, your browser will send and receive data from it using a secure, encrypted connection. This will be indicated by the [...]

iModeler Tutorial – Editing comments

Posting a reply or comment on iModeler is a easy enough, but what happens if you made a typo and want to correct it? Or maybe even regret posting your comment in the first place? Don't worry, we have you covered. Comments and replies on [...]