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'Ooops!, there goes the Holiday Bonus' Forklift Incident

December 9, 2022 · in Diorama · · 22 · 0.7K

After these photos were taken, I'd realized I did not add a crucial detail. The slight damage to the ground, when the forks came in contact. Not there would have been any major difference to the ground or tarmac, but it would make for a nice effect. I will be adding that little detail. A figure will also be added, when I find one.

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  1. Fantastic, as usual, my friend Charles! Would love to see a figure added!

  2. Your eye to details is amazing, Charles @tiking
    Even the thoughts about adding damage to the ground proves this.
    Another perfect diorama.

  3. Thanks John. I do try for the most part. 🙂

  4. Ouch ! ,maybe you could make 3D model of me because when I was a young man I had a job with a now defunct company that gave us little or no training and I can laugh now but I had a very similar mishap , not quite as bad but we had to get the other FLT and drag mine back of the edge...
    As usual a fantastic job Charles ,I love your imagination.

  5. Now the King of Oops! Great job !

  6. Good to see a sense of humour here on iModeler, Charles, well done, hope you find a suitable figure. How about a Donald Trump look alike?

  7. Another great diorama, Charles (@tiking). I love it when they tell a story.

  8. Hi George. Like the similarities. 🙂

  9. Just another exception, off the wall, interesting and fun build Charles! @tiking I always enjoy every one of your posts. I used to teach the Forklift Safety at our facility so I can totally relate to this! Too bad about the bonus!

  10. A very nice and well conceived diorama. Top notch modelling skills as well.

  11. Looks like the guilty party "took a powder" as they say.

    Another amazing Chrles King project.

  12. This diorama truly tells the story...the box to big to see around, the edge of the dock has got to be here somewhere...oops, found it! But the figures? An upset boss gesturing his frustration or a contemplative problem solver trying to right this mess. Or maybe fellow employees laughing out loud at some poor soul. Tough decision that you've gotten yourself into. See what you get for doing such a good job!

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