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December 28, 2022 · in Armor · 20 · 537

Hi ,
I’m new to here and thank you for allowing me to join. I’ve been a modeller for 40 years and have watched and experienced our hobby/interest/addiction get bigger and better. I’m here to both show my work and to learn from others on here. I look forward to engaging with fellow enthusiasts.
Thank you

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  1. Dave Parminter (@parminterdave)
    Welcome to Imodeler. I think you will enjoy it here. We all learn from one another and it's a friendly place. I like your armor builds. They look very realistic. I was a "tanker" in the M-60 series and we were just transitioning into the M-1A1 when it got out of the Army. Welcome aboard, and I hope to see more of your work. Happy New Year.

    I made sure to click on the "like" button before I left.

    • Thank you and yes I'm looking forward to sharing my work on here and techniques and to learn to further improve my skills. I was in the British army and served in the Household Division with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards , Support Company , Mortar Platoon. And a happy and prosperous new year to you .

  2. Very nice work Dave! 👍 Welcome to iModeler and thanks for showing your work. 😃 I'm currently working on my third armor model, after about a twenty-five year run of only aircraft. Here are the only two tanks completed so far, from many years ago:

    • Thanks Gary , I will be showing more of my work later on here some complete many wip . Nice try-tone paint scheme on the Panther A , my favourite tank in which I've built 3 , 2 awaiting primer and 4 which haven't been built yet. Look forward to seeing your work and thanks for the welcome.

  3. Fantastic models, Dave!
    You surely possess excellent modeling skills. Painting and weathering (among others) are absolutely superb!
    So great that you entered iModeler, a place full of Good People!
    Thanks for sharing your work with us.
    Welcome aboard!

    • Hi Spiros and thank you for both the welcome and your kind words . I will be posting more of my work on here later . It's an excellent site and a lot of fabulous work and I will learn a lot from being here with you fellow modellers.

  4. Well done, Dave, welcome to iModeler, I’m sure you’ll plenty of like minded souls here.

  5. You made an impressive entry, Dave @parminterdave
    The presented armor looks really nice, also the base used for the Sherman does make it standout.
    Welcome to this modelling community, iModeler is a great and friendly place to learn and improve your modelling skills.
    Definitely looking forward to more of your builds, Happy New Year.

    • Thank you John , yes the Sherman Firefly diorama is a work in progress and there are another 7 figures to be added etc. . I look forwaerd to posting more of my work on here later and a prosperous new year to you .

  6. Nice work, Dave. Welcome to iModeler. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

    • Thank you Gary . I'm looking forward to posting more of my work on here. Currently in the middle of building AFV 1/35 Centurion Six Day War kit . Will post photos of the progress of the build.

  7. very nice dioramas!

  8. Really nice work, Dave. the models are superb, highly realistic creations, and then they're made even better by your excellent and also highly realistic diorama settings. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me doing airplanes instead of armor dioramas. 🙂

  9. Nicely done! and welcome to the site!

  10. Welcome to you Dave.

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