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Hi all,As the build of the Fokker E.IV...

January 22, 2023 · in Aviation · · 7 Comments

Hi all,
As the build of the Fokker 'Eindecker' is coming to a close, I've started the next build.
This build will be of Halberstadt Cl.II ‘Anni’ of Schlachtstaffel ‘Schlasta’ 27b (Battle Squadron), based at Villers-au-Tertre Aerodrome from late 1917.
Flown by Uffz. Fridoin Redenbach and the CO of the unit, Oblt. Sigmund Kreitmair.

Schutzstaffel ‘Schusta’ 27b (Protection Squadron) was formed in February 1917 and operated primarily as escorts to bombing or reconnaissance aircraft.
On April the 16th 1918, the unit was renamed Schlachtstaffel ‘Schlasta’ 27b (Battle Squadron) and was then engaged in ground attack missions.

Three colour profiles were created in 2012 by R.N.Pearson and were based on data from Duiven/Dan-San-Abbot and the ‘Schlachtflieger’ publication.
The first profile depicts the aircraft, which I believe was written off as non-repairable after crashing.

For the second and third colour profiles, there appears to be some conjecture as to the lozenge covering used and the colour of the 'devil cat' marking.
However 'Wingnut Wings' have a photograph of the crashed 'ANNI', which I assume is the subject of the second colour profile.

If so, then the third profile is the last iteration of this aircraft.
The third colour profile indicates this aircraft was an 'early' Halberstadt Cl.II, with the pilots machine gun mounted on the port (left) side of the cockpit coaming.
I chose the third and final colour profile for this model build, although I'll need to create decals or paint masks for the fuselage markings,


3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses

  1. Another superb entry, Mike!
    Looking to it!

  2. Miss seeing Dan-San’s knowledge and wisdom.

    Brian Riedel

  3. Great choice, Mike @sandbagger
    Beautiful scheme as well.

  4. Interesting and nice colour scheme Mike. I'm always happy to discover a new project from you.

  5. Hi all,
    The subject of this model has been changed, as there is no photographic or other evidence for this aircraft, apart from textual notes taken at the time and passed down through generations.


  6. Hi all,
    The fuselage is close to being closed up now.
    The engine is complete apart from some weathering and controls that will be fitted.
    The fuselage still needs the pilots machine gun to be fitted.


    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  7. Hi all,
    The fuselage is now closed up.
    The instructions call for the front cabane struts and wing radiator pipe to be fitted before the fuselage panels.
    However, this leaves them exposed and likely to be broken or damaged during the subsequent build.
    Therefore I decide these could be fitted after the panels and later in the build.
    Both the pilots 'Spandau' and observers 'Parabellum' machine guns were modified to have 'Master' Brass barrels and cooling jackets.
    Somehow I managed to lose both of the landing gear bracing tubes.
    So I replaced them with brass tube, which will probably give the gear more strength anyway,


    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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