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F-104G HAF Italeri 1/48

February 12, 2023 · in Aviation · · 22 · 0.8K
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  1. Yet another superlative build, φίλε Τάσο!
    Having seen the real thing quite a few times, I can only say that it is really hard to distinguish your model from the real thing. Excellent painting and weathering.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and delicate paintwork! Amazing!

  3. Amazing job on a camo F-104! Weathering makes it look so great.

    Congrats on a winner.

  4. An absolute winner, Tzigkounakis @t-tasos
    Especially the paintwork and weathering is amazing, just as I remember from the past.

  5. Wow, you really nailed that "ratty HAF look" in the paint! This is some excellent work and a great result.

  6. A fantastic build 😊 stunning weathering and finish 👍

  7. Great looking work!

  8. There are some models that go over and above. Raise the bar and make modeling interesting. The header photo really does give that brief suspension of reality and your convinced that your looking at the "real thing".

    Thankyou, for sharing Tzigkounakis. I will be using your work as reference and I'm looking forward to seeing your next project.

  9. That's a spectacular finish!

  10. That's a very realistic "rocket"...well done!

  11. Awesome F-104, Tzigkounakis I'm in the middle of a Hasegawa F-104, looking forward to the same multi-colored camo pain scheme. Your weathering and panel line accents are top-notch, really well done!

  12. Great build and paint-job!

  13. This is one spectacular build with top notch painting & weathering!

  14. Superb weathering and such a realistic look. This is a really great model.

  15. That is really a fantastic build, with excellent paint and weathering. It certainly looks the part, especially in the first picture. You really captured the look of a very well worn service aircraft.

  16. Great looking F-104, amazing photographs.

  17. Yep - what they all said! She's a beauty - love the paint and weathering work.

  18. Thank so much for the nice comments
    I am very glad you like it

  19. That’s really well done!

  20. Hello:

     I just joined and looking around in here. That is one badass weathering job. It's gorgeous! Absolutely sweet work! Will go to see more of it in the future...


  21. Impressively executed paint and weathering work, Tzigkounakis. Congratulations on some excellent work!

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