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Late War 109 G-14 AS

July 14, 2023 · in Aviation · · 30 · 598

Finished yesterday, my interpretation of a 109 that saw several distinct interpretations of its Reich verteidigung band.
Seems that white/red interpretation is more likely true than the white/green depicted by kit and decal manufacturers through the years, even though there was no white/red band officially! It was probably a machine (red/white/red) wrongly painted or a very rare JG.52 band, again wrongly painted since this squadron's band was red/white…confused? Yeah, me too!

Anyway using Erik Monbeeck Lu/Ga #4 (splendid publication for anyone with an interest for Luftwaffe stuff btw)

as inspiration, this particular photo as reference and the brand new kit from of this Messerschmitt 109 version as a canvas I finally got a late version 109 in my collection. Hope you like it!

Painted with a mix of MRP and Gunze acrylics, this machine seems to have had a very small operational lifespan so weathering was kept to a minimum

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  1. Beautifully done, Pedro. I’m colour blind so it could be red or green, maybe the guy in the paint shop was as well, that could explain it.

  2. Gostei muito Pedro,parabéns!

  3. Nice paintwork!

  4. Excellent job, Pedro!

  5. Absolutely great outcome of this Gustav, Pedro @holzhamer
    What did you use to create the deflector (not sure if it is called like that) at the antenna.

  6. Yet another gem from the Rocha paintshop! You have a way of surprising us every time @holzhamer. Well done!

  7. Thanks mate, I’m flattered by your comment. It was just fun to paint and guessing what colours would be more likely to be used

  8. Excellent work Pedro, good looking Gustav.

  9. Outstanding paint work and details on your Gustav, Pedro @holzhamer. Nice to see a new build from you.

  10. @eb801
    Thanks Eric, glad you liked this Gustav.
    It was my 3rd completed model this year, I’m hoping to post 2/3 more in the headlines untill 2023 ends… likely all allied planes for a change 😉

  11. Fantastic camo work Pedro! I love the straw shade of 76. It really makes the darker mottling stand out.

  12. Very interesting scheme/colours, Pedro! Love the leading edges too. Brilliantly done!

  13. paintwork is great!

  14. superb painting and finish on this model. Wow!

  15. Pedro L. Rocha (@holzhamer)
    INCREDIBLE work my friend. This is your best one yet, and I really liked your latest Eduard FW-190's a lot. (all of them)

    You have dialed in these late war Luftwaffe colors. The different 76 colors look spot on to me. I think you got the RVD band right too. Excellent work ! as usual 😉

    Did you notice that I have changed my avatar a little ? Now I have a picture of me sitting in a P-51D. Maybe it will get me busy with our mutual builds. I have not forgotten about Donald Duck, or Carol's Wonder Weapon...

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. I made sure I clicked on several of the "liked" buttons for this one. It's hands down your best one to date. And you have built a LOT of great LW subjects. Take care my friend.

    • @lgardner
      Hey Louis, thanks for the compliment my friend. I guess these late war fighter camos are more “catchy” to the eye so with a nice paintwork you get a very pleasing result I guess.

      About your avatar, I had not noticed ahah…but it’s a great one (and one I envy to have). I actually have resume some work on the Ponies but other projects are due sooner for now. I’ll drop you a word’s notice when I get them to build at “cruising speed” 😉 Cheers!

  16. Thank you all for the nice comments folks!

  17. You dont think thats a JG77 machine?

  18. Gorgeous build! Love the details!

  19. Beautifully done, and a distinctive scheme. Looks great!

  20. G'day Pedro (@holzhamer),
    With the unusual White/Red band, this is a scheme I have wanted to do for a long time.
    All I need is the kit and decals (and time). 😂
    Lovely work.

  21. That's an absolute beauty! Those late war 109 always intrigued me - what would be the best guess about splitting colors in the lower fuselage? The parts were assembled after they were already painted different colors and no one bothered to correct it? Perhaps they thought it would add, rather than detract, the camouflage effect?
    Be that as it may, this is top notch work, thanks for sharing.

    • Olá Thiago?

      That some interesting thoughts you make. It seems the “Egg shell” colour was not a new camo colour but a RLM 76 weird batch or something. I guess poor raw materials and also some poor quality control might be a good explanation to support this claim. Still I personally think that the document that could shed a conclusive light was never found and probably lost forever to knowledge. What is a fact is that most later war built planes were built around different locations and all the parts assembled in one factory, and that explains the various shades of paint, often restricted to specific areas/panels. Either way I guess it still serves the purpose and definitely looks eye catching in our models right?

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