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AFC Club 1/48 F-5E/N VFC-111 Sundowners

February 26, 2024 · in Aviation · · 38 · 254

This is my first build post on iModeler, and it is the /N by AFC Club. I've always liked the camo schemes of the "Sundowners" aircraft, and chose to do the 3 grays one, with the decals for it included in the box. I had planned to try freehanding the camo paint, but chickened out and ended up using Silly Putty. I painted the full aircraft the medium gray, which is also the bottom color, then masked that off with the putty and painted the other two colors in alternating stripes. It was surprisingly effective, only needing a few touch ups. The model went together well with only a little filler used and I'm pleased with the results. I normally model "3 foot" models, they look ok as long as you stay at least 3 feet away! This one qualifies and will be joining the others in my display case and on to the next one!

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  1. Welcome to the forum David. Love this scheme

  2. I'd say the putty worked out fantastic, great-looking model. Welcome, David!

  3. Excellent result, David!

  4. Your F-5 looks great David (@tolss) - nice work indeed 😀

  5. I think yuou can get closer than 3 feet to this one, David.

    Welcome to the best modeling club on he planet.

  6. Gorgeous work! makes me want to get going on my next USN adversary F-5!
    Welcome to imodeler!
    Dan from Bermuda.

  7. Vey nice! You captured the look quite well. I have seen 111 aircraft a few times while I was still in the Navy and somewhere I have pictures from the Centennial of Naval Aviation at NAS North Island with a 111 bird. I "had" to work the airshow that day as the Duty Senior Chief as part of it was in my squadrons' hanger...Darned the bad luck! Anyway welcome and well done!

  8. Welcome to iModeler David, I think you’ll like it here.
    Your F-5 looks great, and I think the fact that you masked with that putty has a lot to do with it.
    Good choice of first post btw

  9. Very fine build & finish, David. Your multi-color finish is top-notch

    The F-5 and its offshoot, the F-20 Tigershark, serve as serious competitors for the best looking, sexiest aircraft ever.

  10. Welcome aboard David, you'll find a lot of friendly folks reside here, many offering free advice when you ask for help. Nice looking F-5 by the way, saw lots of whiteT-38's/NASA jets climbing out of El Paso International while stationed at Ft Bliss. Beautiful A/C as well as it's cousin the F-5.

  11. Excellent build. Hope to get mine started soon.

  12. Even at a closer distance this a very nice result, David @tolss
    I do agree that those camouflage scheme do look amazing on F5's, yours clearly showing that.
    Welcome to this amazing modelling community, I do hope to see some more of your work soon.

  13. Welcome David, and bravo for this very well done rendition! Eduard is going to launch a Limited Edition of this kit, and seeing your job, I guess it gives me inspiration to do it too.

  14. David, glad to have you on board! Great looking F-5 - I'm also a Sundowners fan (Aggressors and Phantoms).

  15. Very nice job. Welcome. I am curious- how many eggs of silly putty did it take. I have wanted to try this technique but don’t know where to start. I admits your result.

    • Thank you! I have 4 or 5 of the Silly Putty eggs, but I used less than 2 in masking this one off. It is a smallish model and none was needed on the bottom as it’s a solid color. I worked the putty for a while to warm it up, then I made “snakes” of about the right length and flattened them out. They are tacky enough to stay pretty much where you need them. If you make them too thick, they will try to sag. I have used the putty to mask oddly shaped areas where using tape is difficult, but this was the first time I’ve used it on a whole aircraft. I hope that this helps you out!

  16. Beautifully done! and welcome!

  17. Very neatly painted, David, the putty obviously worked very well. Welcome to iModeler.

  18. That’s a very nice F-5!
    Welcome to the club. Looking forward to see more of your work.

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