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Tamiya 1:48 Mitsubishi A6M3 (Captured)

July 4, 2020 · in Aviation · · 29 · 2K

This is my entry into the "The Empire of Japan 1919-1946 GB" This aircraft was restored to flying condition by the joint USAAF/USN/Royal Australian Air Force Technical Air Intelligence Unit (TAIU) at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, Australia in late 1942 and early 1943. The aircraft was sent for evaluation at Wright Field in the US and wearing post-1943 style US insignia. Fate unknown. According to an article on , a war-time report said the over-all colour was "dove grey".

Build here...

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  1. Looks great! Pretty cool seeing a Zero with US markings.

  2. Great looking A6M3. Did you paint the landing gear struts flat black, or is that just the way the shade from the light makes it appear? Neat build.

    • Thanks Doug. The gear are actually semi-gloss black as per Mitsubishi. The insides of the gear covers are flat black but this may or may not be correct. Normally Mitsubishi painted these in the underside camouflage colour but if you look at the photos in my build thread they are quite dark. My reasoning for going with black was that this was rebuilt in Australia and some times but not all, RAAF fighters like Spitfires had these areas the same colour as the landing gear. When it came time to repaint the aircraft, they went with the "norm". Some time soon someone will correct me on this

  3. Great model, George. Those wings made me think it was a FW-190 at first.

  4. Nice build, George @blackadder57
    Thanks for sharing your building details.
    Will for sure try your filler way of working.
    The cockpit has a lot of details, well done.

  5. Nice build George - even in an overall Grey there is no mistaking a Zero.
    I don't know which one I like better - Pt1 or Pt2! Both look great!
    It was nice to be able to follow your build in the GB. Nice finish with the flared out cowling.

  6. What a coincidence. I was just looking at some photos of a captured Zero one in the air and on the ground with that exact grey and here's your post. Looks just like the photos of the real deal I saw. Great work as always and good GB choice.

    • Thanks Eric. I found the photos I used as reference by complete accident; looking for photos for my current GB. I'm a great fan of captured aircraft and these ones caught me by complete surprise.

  7. Well done George, actually looks good in the gray scheme.

  8. Nicely done George !

  9. Very distinctive colour scheme George. It looks very different to the Japanese green/grey colour somehow making it look less zero like.

  10. Hello George. @blackadder57

    I followed your build from the very beginning. It was a lot of fun to watch and very informative. Finding captured aircraft photos, and the corresponding information that goes with them is part of the fun for me... I also like your custom mix of "Dove gray".

    Well done buddy, and I hit the liked button too... Thanks for participating in our EoJ group build !

    • Thank you very much Louis. I could have swore I typed in a thank you for the invite. I had problems posting this so it must have been left out on the third attempt. So now….thanks for the invite.

  11. Simple, clean, yet very striking to the eye. Nice build, George.

  12. Great build George, very tidy. An interesting subject I was not previously aware of.

  13. Hi George @blackadder57!
    This is an amazing build and I am glad that I had the pleasure to follow it all along.
    This Zero looks absolutely stunning!

  14. Unusual looking Hamp. Very crisp looking model and paint job.

  15. Thank you very much gentlemen

  16. Lovely model! A scheme you don´t see built very often.

  17. Nicely done! It's a tad awkward seeing a Zero with stars and bars! Makes for a unique project.

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