Video: P-47 Thunderbolt Advanced MiniArt 1/48Aircraft Model

March 8, 2024 · in Aviation · · 6 · 311
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  1. Thanks for a very good review of exactly the kind of model I will never do. Saves me time and money!

    Will someone somewhere sometime pleeeeasseee! provide an explanation of how/why someone would hang live ordnance off an airplane going through a major refit? I have yet to see a diorama of a model like this that doesn't have live ordnance hanging on the airplane or lying around.

    • Your exactly rite. I don't think I've ever seen one either. I was lucky enough to never have to be in combat, the only time out Hueys and Cobras had live ordnance was at the range. If an unexpected maintenance situation occurred, the ordnance came off before any work was preformed.

  2. Excellent as always Plasmo. Otherworldly.

  3. Amazing work but the Advanced kit is too advanced for me.

  4. As in all your videos Plasmo - It's like watching someone assemble a Ferrari before your eyes - fantastic work.
    Some great pointers and video explanations.
    Reminds me of the cut-away drawings in an aircraft encyclopedia, but in colour and 3-D.

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