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Hi everyone, this time I built the 1/48 Tamiya p47. I found a large wooden board that gave me an idea for my next diorama. I have tested that the board can fit up to four 1/48 planes and I have two more thunderbolts in my stash so I’m going to b[...]

P47-D Thunderbolt ‘Kokomo’ 551st Fighter Squadron. 495th Fighter Group

Hi everybody, I would like to present you my favourite fighter from WWII: the mighty THUNDERBOLT, THE ‘JUG’. I was building the model while reading Tail-End Charley from James. E. Brown, what a kick of motivation!!! I really recommend this book.[...]

Hasegawas ’98 1/48 Razorback, Little Chief.

Another fall together kit (yes!) On this Jug i got to mostly concentrate on painting, not filling and aligning and sanding and..etc. It's the first time i have really attempted to get tonal variety by adjusting the amount of different colours (w[...]

Gabreski’s P-47 – another take

Following the iModeler Rule- don't post your take on the same model on top of someone else's on the same page - I waited over the weekend from my planned Friday post, so as not to detract from Scott Nelson's very nice take (now two pages away) t[...]

I Like Jugs, Pt. 5

Here’s my interpretation of Gabby Gabreski’s P-47D. This is the Tamiya kit, one of the best engineered kits I’ve ever had the pleasure to make. Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t have a half dozen more in my collection. Oh, wait! Maybe it’s the[...]

Former Brazilian Jug

Before Spitfirepalooza, there was “I Like Jugs.” My 1/72 Spitfire collection is a bit larger than my P-47 one but, my 1/48 P-47 collection wins (for now, those Eduard overtrees I just bought will turn the tide when done). This is Hasegawa kit. I[...]

P-47D Thunderbolt “Whoooo…”

After squadron (and Air Force) transfer, "The Ole Cock III" (seen here, a beautiful work from Chuck Villanueva : became this wolf-headed beauty...Hasegawa 1/48 kit...hope you like it.

P-47D “The Bug” 405th FG

My son was nicknamed bug when young so "The Bug" was a must build for me! Superscale decals and Ultracast wheels and seat Tamiya / Mr Hobby paints, Future Gloss and Xtracyrlix Flat "The Bug" P-47D-20-RE 42-76553 405th Fighter Group, 510th Figh[...]

Raid Hot Mama: Tamiya 1/48 P-47D “Razorback”.

Tamiya 1/48 kit, built OOB with the exception of Eduard seat harness. Gunze-Sangyo aqueous acrylics used. SuperScale decals. P-47 Thunderbolt 42-27181 coded 2Z-D. White theater recognition cowl band. John Drummond held the rank of captain and p[...]

Academy 1/48 P-47N Thunderbolt

This was a fun build! I've never had much luck with Academy's decals, so when I found the cool Hawaii ANG sheet, I was set. Although maybe basic by some standards, I think the cockpit builds up nicely after a wash and drybrushing. Same with t[...]