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March 26, 2024 · in Aviation · · 20 · 354

kit with 'no additives' unless you count the outstanding Sky decals. Paints are Mr Color lacquers and Tamiya acrylics all mixed until 'they look right' - no exact formulas here.

I temporarily tack-glued the ventral gondola section into place for the painting sessions, then removed it so I could add the beam position Lewis gun. It was a calculated risk but seems to have worked-out for me. As for the kit - IMO, one of Italeri's best. The fit is generally very good, the internal details, whilst basic, do come alive with some careful painting and dry-brushing. I wouldn't recommend opening the large dorsal hatch aft of the 'hump' unless you're willing to go all-in with the etch & resin interior sets. The open side door and especially the built-in air-stairs are a bit clunky and maybe one day I'll replace that with some etch (yeah right).

Not my best work by a long shot, but looks very cool in my cabinet. Please go-ahead and make any comments or ask any questions. Cheers from NZ.

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  1. Fantastic job, Ian!
    A beautiful Sparviero!

  2. A wonderful result of a wonderful aircraft, Ian @ij001
    You have chosen a great scheme.
    I do have this kit in stash and by looking at yours, it has gone up in the list of 'to be done' kits.

  3. Looks very cool, Ian. Sparviero's belong in oddball camo.

    I'm going to do a similar scheme with the Eduard re-production of the Classic Airframes kit (for those who want to know, this is way updated by molding technology. The plastic parts are molded right, no short shots, no warps, and the resin parts are all nice and really sharp. Decals are six different airplanes).

  4. Well done, Ian (@ij001). Your painting prowess is unequaled, between the difficult camo and the custom mix paints, you have really created a prize-winner.

  5. Nice work, Ian.

  6. Nicely done Ian, always thought the Sparviero was an ugly ducking that I couldn't help but like. She looks great.

  7. Very well done, that camo scheme looks great!

  8. What a fantastic post of an important plane! The SM-79 is THE Italian combat aircraft of WW2 (no disrespect to the MC 202). Your model captures the look and feel of this plane. Thanks!

  9. Great work Ian. That camo scheme is really cool. Nice clean build, love it!

  10. @ij001
    Ian, taking your words for good, this might not be your best work to date but certainly is the one who caught my eye best. Beautiful rendition of the Hunchback. Thumbs up!

  11. Fantastic paintwork, Ian.

  12. I love it Ian! I have this kit and someday hope I can do the same justice to it that you have. The Hunchback is such a cool plane in a funky sort of way. Deadly to shipping if my memory of it is correct.

  13. Sharp scheme!

  14. My favorite Italian warplane - this scheme looks fantastic, I don't think I'd seen that one before. Lovely paint work and a beautiful result. Well done!

  15. Ian, you really did well on that one. He looks very good.

  16. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the kind words. Next will be the first of my D-Day builds as it's the 80th anniversary. The first of four I'm going to try to complete this year.


  17. Lovely work, Ian... ene of my all-time favourite aircraft, and the colour scheme is one I've never seen before on an SM79, and beautifully executed.

  18. Super job Ian!
    Always great to see an SM 79 built up - great to see this unusual scheme!

  19. Lovely! I admire the dark green lines separating the main colors.

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