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1/48 FJ-3 Fury.

May 31, 2024 · in Aviation · · 29 · 205

This is the early 1980s kit in its naval guise. Esci marketed the basic kit as both an FJ-2/3 and an F-86E with a few different parts in each release. I saw George Blair started the F-86E version of this kit over on the Sabre group build page and thought I'd share this. I remember finding this on a vendors table about 20 years ago and snatched it up as it was the only game in town for a -2/3 . Unfortunately, the decals were shot and the kit sat in the stash for a few more years. In 2008, I came across a decal sheet for a FAGU FJ-4 and realized that I could use some of the markings to make the earlier FAGU -3. FAGU was the Fleet Air Gunnery Unit at El Centro, CA. in the 1950s. Their mission was to train gunnery instructors. The kit has a lot of shape problems, especially in the nose area. It's really not a bad F-86, but Furies were different. Knowing that, I forged forward and built it with idea that it would suffice until something better came along. 16 years later, I have no intention of replacing it. It's a nice looking model that looks good on my ‘50s shelf. I added some Eduard F-86 PE to the cockpit and replaced the seat with one from a junked Monogram F-105. Not super accurate, but better then what came in the kit. I used Tamiya gloss aluminum for the coroguard leading edges and the GSB is Modelmaster.

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  1. Well done John. Don't see too many Furies being built

  2. Sweet looking Fury.

  3. Fine job, John.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, John (@j-healy). Nothing looks better than an all-blue Navy plane. It makes it look like the plane is all dressed up for a formal event. I am having several fit problems with Italeri/ESCI Sabre that I am building. Lots of filler and sanding already. The nose doesn't look quite right to me, either, but you are right that it will look like a Sabre/Fury when done. There is no way my Sabre will look as good as your Fury when I am done, but I am learning a lot building my Sabres, so I count that as a win. Well done, John.

    • Thanks, George. Sorry to hear you’re having fit issues. I remember this one having exceptionally good fit all around. Those molds are 40 years old now. This one was a first issue in a beat up, mildewy box but the plastic was in great shape. Looking forward to seeing yours done.

  5. A really nice-looking Fury! Love that scheme - both the dark blue version and the checkerboard work really sets that off.

  6. Excellent Fury, John!

  7. Excellent John (@j-healy). This is what I wanted to see, another Fury. Truly a nice clean build. Blue does the lines wonderfully on this kit.

  8. Fabulous Fury. Really like the blue finish of the aircraft. Well done 👍

  9. A great looking Fury, looks good in blue.

  10. Nice work on this @j-healey.

    You'll be interested to know that the re-release of the Kittyhawk Furies is inching closer. The batch release that includes the F9F-8 has arrived at Squadron and I got news this morning that my Cougar kit is now on the way here. The Furies are supposd to be in the next batch release.

  11. A really nice solid end result on your Fury John (@j-healy). Paint work is brilliant 🙂

  12. Wow, stunning colors, love this scheme, John @j-healy. Very beautiful and clean build!

  13. Excellent work done on this Fury, John @j-healy
    It does look really good in Navy blue.

  14. Looks beautiful John! Great work on this.

  15. Fantastic painting!

  16. Again, wonderful work. I like these early jet planes.

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