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I mostly do 1/48 USN and British Commonwealth aircraft, all eras. I also have a weakness for WW1 German planes and 1/700 ships.

1/48 AMG Hawker Hind.

This is the newish AMG Hawker Hart finished as an Irish Air Corps Hawker Hind. The Hind was an improved version of the Hart that featured a more powerful RR Kestrel engine, a tail wheel, and the cut down rear gunners position from the Hawker De[...]

1/48 Bristol Blenheim If.

This is the outstanding recent Airfix kit. It’s highly detailed, well engineered, and is a pleasure to build. I started this one late last year and it assembled very quickly with no problems. The only thing I added was a set of Eduard belts. [...]

1/48 Reggiane Re. 2001

This is the new Sword kit. It’s a completely new mold and shares nothing with the old Classic Airframes model of this plane. The plastic moldings on this kit are top notch, smooth surfaced, and fit well. The only things that indicate that it’[...]

1/48 Mitsubishi A5M4 Claude – Empire of Japan Group Build.

This is the 2016 Fine Molds kit. I can’t speak highly enough about its quality. It’s an outstanding kit in every way. Feel free to check out my build log in the EoJ group build section and you’ll see how nice it is. The Claude was the predec[...]

1/48 Manshu Ki-79b – Empire of Japan Group Build.

This is the new RS Models kit of this unusual little plane. The Ki-79 was a trainer version of the Ki-27 army fighter. It was produced in Harbin, Manchuria by the Manshu Aircraft subsidiary of the Japanese Nakajima company. It was produced [...]

1/48 P-43A Lancer.

This is the new Dora Wings kit. I was happy to see this one released and really enjoyed building it. The model is a high end limited run kit that would be a good choice for someone’s first limited run experience. I built it pretty much out of[...]

1/48 Reggiane Re. 2005

This is the recent Special Hobby kit. This is one of those planes that I’ve always wanted on the shelf and was surprised to see SH and Sword release kits simultaneously. The kit built up very nicely. It features a well detailed cockpit that [...]

1/48 Seversky P-35A.

This is the recent Wolfpack re-issue of the Hobbycraft kit. While it is old, the basic plastic is pretty nice with a few accuracy issues. I remember building the HC P-35 around 1995 and enjoying it, so I thought I’d give this one a go. Wolfpa[...]

1/48 A2N3 Naval Fighter – Empire of Japan Group Build.

This is the new A.B. & K. kit which I purchased direct from the manufacturer in the Czech Republic. This model really came out of left field and represents one of my Holy Grail subjects which I thought would never be kitted in 1/48. I’ve c[...]

1/48 Civil Ki-15 Babs – Empire of Japan Group Build.

This is the new Fine Molds kit. Fine Molds has marketed three different versions of this model and mine is the third one finished here on imodeler in the last couple of months. We now have an example of each kit posted. No complaints about thi[...]