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I mostly do 1/48 USN and British Commonwealth aircraft, all eras. I also have a weakness for WW1 German planes and 1/700 ships.

1/48 A.VG. Hawk 81a-2, (P-40C).

This is the Airfix P-40B/Hawk 81 kit. The Hawk 81a-2 was an export model created for the RAF that was roughly equivalent to the P-40C, minus the drop tank plumbing. The A.V.G. (Flying Tigers), was equipped with these. This is the second [...]

1/48 Hawker Hurricane IIB.

This is the excellent Hasegawa kit of 1990s vintage. I’ve wanted to do this particular Hurricane for some time and finally got the opportunity when I found this IIB on the vendor tables at a show back in June. BE171 belonged to 17 [...]

1/48 Hawker Hurricane IID.

This is the Hobbycraft kit that first appeared in 1988. I pulled this from the stash to work on while I awaited delivery of parts for my Dora Wings Vengeance. I have a soft spot for these Hobbycraft kits. They were doing subjects that [...]

1/35 Char B1 Bis.

This is the excellent Tamiya kit built straight from the box for the most part. I’ve come to enjoy dabbling in simple Tamiya armor kits as a break from airplanes. This one sat on the side of the bench for a couple of years, slowly [...]

1/48 Dehavilland Mosquito Pr.IV.

This is the well known Tamiya kit which I acquired at a swap meet for $15 USC a few years back. Another long term stash dweller who’s day on the bench finally came. There’s not much to say about this kit that hasn’t been heard by [...]

1/48 Folland Gnat T.1

This is the Airfix kit which was released in 2014. This kit features some unique engineering that I honestly thought was over complicated for such a small plane at first glance. Once I started building it, I realized the genius of it [...]

1/48 Dewoitine D.520

This is the Tamiya kit from 1996. Sadly, mine dwelt in the stash since around 1997. I finally got around to building it as a companion for my Hobbycraft Hawk 75. Not much to say other then it’s an excellent kit that builds really [...]

1/48 Dehavilland Vampire F.3

This is the brand new Airfix kit. It’s well engineered and fits great. I did trim the bottoms of the cockpit consoles to get a better fit between the upper and lower fuselage parts. One other thing to be aware of is that Airfix [...]

1/48 French Hawk 75.

This is the tried and true Hobbycraft kit. All in all, it’s not a bad model when you consider that it’s pushing 30 years old. The Hobbycraft Twin Wasp ( my French Hawk and P-36s) versions are generally ok, the Cyclone powered [...]

1/48 Condor Legion He-51B Imperial German Air Service/Luftwaffe Group Build.

This is the fairly recent Roden kit. All in all, not a bad kit. It’s engineered very nicely and has good cockpit detailing. It’s best feature is that the landing gear struts are molded to the fuselage halves. This guarantees [...]