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Making Scale Model Wooden Spoked Wheels

May 30, 2024 · in How-to · · 6 · 141
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  3. Making Scale Model Wooden Spoked Wheels

Here is something that seems to be all but forgotten about, when there is such a proliferation of pre-formed plastic models available today. It involves a bit of luck and skill to create these small wheels by hand instead of just gluing a couple of bits of pre-formed/moulded styrene together. Any way, those that are interested in how you can accomplish this, please view the following pics.

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  1. Each photo has it's own description of what has been done.

    22 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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    Walt said on May 30, 2024

    Aside from amazing work these wheels show true love, patience and dedication to this project. Even all the equipment needed to make it, just wow. Really nice results in the end!

  3. Model making the way it use to be. Beautiful craftsmanship. My Grandfather was a modeler back in the late '20, '30, and '40. He even built aircraft models in the Army for aircraft recognition in WW2, before being sent to the CBI theater. If anyone would Iike about it I can postan article on my page.

  4. Real craftsmanship, Graham @radishus4
    Thanks for sharing.
    But I do have to say that every hobby has its own unique things, whether it is cutting wood or gluing plastic parts, most important is that you love what you do.

  5. A labor of love, Graham!
    Thanks for sharing!

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