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Friends, Americans, iModelers…(with apologies to Will Shakespeare).

As part of my 'Higher Call' diorama I was struggling with the process of making realistic working propellers (a real holy grail of aircraft modelers). The estimable David Thomas sent me a private message asking for my postal address and just a short while later this arrived...

The 'propblur' company is a small outfit that is clearly dedicated to the hobby and put in a lot of research into this vexed question of how to pose aircraft in flight with realistic props. This is a link to their website which showcases some of their work.

I am really looking forward to experimenting with this wonderful gift, but much more importantly it strengthens the respect that I have for as a community, reminds me of the good in the world, and reinforces my sense of in this essentially secluded hobby.

Thank you very much David, and thanks iModeler.

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  1. Great gift from David to David! How wonderful a community this is!

  2. Isn't it just? And the more you get to know it the better it gets. Hope you are well, Michel!

  3. Actually, these have been around for some time now. I first saw them, or a version of them, at a show at RAF Hendon four years ago, and they can be seen regularly in displays at various modelling venues. A couple of people in our club have used them, and they look pretty good. Depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve though, apart from the obvious.

  4. Cheers, Rob. I've seen several companies try this; propblur have a gallery which they encourage modelers who've used the product to post their work - which is nice. I'm looking forward to trying them, I think the real challenge is in the airbrush use and getting the right mixes.

    As an aside, have you been to RAF Hendon since they've finished the renovation this year? Be interested to hear your thoughts, particularly the WW1 hall.

  5. This will add even more realism to your model! Great gift!

  6. It certainly will, a great addition that will make a significant improvement. iModeler powered engines!

    • The WW I hall at Hendon is very good I think - at the moment the highlight of the museum in many ways.
      I haven't been through the other halls recently - has the 'refurbishment' been finished yet?

      • The WW1 Hall is seriously impressive, not just because of the aircraft, but all the other artefacts and historical presentations.
        The whole museum is completely different now, upgraded and modernised.

        To me the overall effect is a stunning experience and a much needed refurb. There is definitely a loss of charm, though. I used to love the old 'Battle of Britain' hall; dark and dingy as it was.

        The fact it's all free is incredible and means you can spend loads in Hannants just around the corner!

  7. Lookin' forward to seeing what you do with this, my friend. Happy [belated] 4th. 🙂

  8. Nice! In my few inflight builds I pretend that the engine has failed. Hope the chute opens.

  9. They're a good bunch! 🙂

  10. Aye, Richard, you have a point there.

  11. This will be a great addition for the build. I have never used them before as I build my planes wheels down and "Parked" on the terra firma. I'll be looking forward to seeing how they look on your Fortress.

    What a kind gesture from one Dave to another. You gotta love this place. Lots of good karma going around.

  12. Doggone it, David, I just saw this post! Ugh! You'll think me an ungrateful lout after the wonderful shout out!

    It was my pleasure to send along a bit of a help. The least I could do, considering all the care and time you are putting into the project, what with your current logistical issues.

    Be blessed and take care, my friend,


  13. Thanks David. I may well try and get the prop on the 109 this weekend, so you can see the results of your very gratefully received gift. Looking forward to experimenting and getting the look right.

    Hope all's well with you, hermano!

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