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Scratchbuilt 1/12th scale Van on Lorry Undercarriage

A 1/12th scale 'Van on Lorry Under Carriage', made from the drawing of J.E.Bishop, published in the January, 1919 edition of "The Coach and Motor Builder". Changed the wheels from wooden spoked wheels to steel wheels, these steel [...]

Scratchbuilt 1/12th scale Bakers Waggonette

Here is another Horse Drawn Vehicle that I have made, it’s a 1/12th scale Bakers Waggonette. It took me just over 6 months of 'graft' to get it finished, sometimes life just gets in the way of a decent hobby, eh. The original full sized [...]

Making Scale Model Wooden Spoked Wheels

Here is something that seems to be all but forgotten about, when there is such a proliferation of pre-formed plastic models available today. It involves a bit of luck and skill to create these small wheels by hand instead of just gluing a [...]

Country Storekeepers Wagon in 1/12th scale.

Made from working drawings of J.E.Bishop, published in “The Australasian Coachbuilder and Wheelwright, July 1908”. Saw a picture of a similar vehicle on the back cover of a book called ‘Tim Downers Legacy’ and reckoned it looked [...]