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"Flt 19 Invasion Stripes" On this Day: 6 June 1944 D-Day-1/48th De Havilland Mosquito, USAAF, Europe

June 6, 2024 · in Aviation · · 11 · 83

It's the early morning, 6 June 1944, the Allies have finally commenced operation "Overlord" the invasion of mainland Europe. The Germans were expecting the Allies to start such an operation, just when and where. Yet they had doubts that it would actually happen. So despite the readiness with defenses already at the ready were still a little surprised when it happened. The weather was a factor, the day before on the 5th which was the original day to launch the operation, now delayed 24 hours, Gen Eisenhower had selected the 5th as the day to start the operation. As the build up prior to the Invasion, was a massive colloboration for the Allies, in gathering all the material to attempt such an operation. One of the assets used to plan this operation was the tasking placed on the 653rd Bomber Squadron, the long range weather recon unit, the 25th Bomb Group. using Lightnings, Mosquitos to scout the weather conditions prior to any operation. Flying in bad weather, reporting conditions as well as providing intel by taking images flying over the intended target for the bomber groups that will partake on a mission to bomb those targets. Those images developed and disseminated to bomber commanders when they return. Such as the tasking the Mosquitos flying over the Normandy beaches the night before, In the wee hours of the 5th when those images also helped in deciding to delay the invasion 24 hours.

The Tamiya is still in my opinion the standard kit of the make. Airfix, and the old Monogram kits are fine, the Revell kit has extras but is a bear to build. This is their first issue the glass nose fighter/bomber version which some models were converted to the reconnaisance mission as well. The wooden wonder impressed Gen Hap Arnold that he took the plans from DeHavilland to build them under license in the US. Though in the end they were not built. Despite that, the Army Air Forces decided to acquire some airframes for the reconaissance mission tasking, their speed and ability to evade Axis current aircraft was a factor in the decision. A joy to build, some engineering that Tamiya provided in the build process. Yet the only nit pick is the lack of positioning any of the flying surfaces. The interior is a great start to really detail, more so than the Beaufighter. I used Quinta interior detail set, Caracal Decals 48-183 for the scheme and markings. Xtracrylic was used for the PRU Blue, at first applied with the airbrush I thought it may look more Turquoise, but as it dried it went to the blue I expected. Tamiya Red for the tail. Vallejo metallics for the Aluminum and natural metals. Mission Models RAF Interior Grey/Green. Testors Rubber in the small bottle for the tires. The wheels are resin from Reskit. A rather unique scheme, my first PRU blue air frame. Now maybe a Spitfire next time. Just imagine it has been 80 years since this huge operation took place at a time that all these minds planned this without any kind of technology we have today.


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11 responses

  1. Chuck A. Villanueva (@uscusn)
    You did a great job here ! I would like to build one of these up someday in the same markings. It looks wonderful. Well done my friend.

    • Thanks Louis, I had just started to build the kit as another subject when we planned on the D-day project. So I did some research on the glass nose Mossie looking into what markings I could use when I stumbled across the Caracal decal set. That drew me into choosing a recon bird in PRU Blue.

  2. Very nice! Looks very cool in those markings. Well done.

  3. Great Mosquito, Chuck @uscusn
    The stars and invasion stripes look very nice on this aircraft.

  4. Excellent Mosquito, Chuck!

  5. Great job, Chuck! I really like the colors with the stripes on this one.

  6. Chuck, it is fantastic that we could start our Overlord project with a plane involved in the planning phase. The story of the invasion is so much more than the arrival on June 6th. The work to confuse the defenders before the strike makes for an incredible story.

    Your build is outstanding. You’ve done a great kit proud. Congratulations on an inspired choice and top-notch execution!

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