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WWII German boots

June 1, 2024 · in Figures · · 10 · 101

Allrighty, so in my recent absence I've been spending a lot of time relearning a software tool called ZBrush. I also decided I needed to purchase a tablet screen in order to sculpt a few different projects. Both of them have been a significant learning experience. I've had to spend quite a bit of time getting used to the buttons on the tablet in order to speed up the process rather than always reaching for the keyboard. This started due to a different project that I will eventually share but the client also wanted these for his personal projects. So, it was good way to do something a bit less complex and learn the tools a bit better while still being productive. They are modeled at real world scale and then sized in the printing software to be 10mm heel to toe. The first version is the M37 low boot, and the other is a Mountain boot. A third version (not shown) combines the M37 with the upper section of the Mountain boot. Pic 12 shows the printed parts which were printed on an Elegoo Mars 4 Max using 8K resin and a .030mm layer height. The supports were a little deep causing the heel of one of the mountain boots to break off. I'm currently printing at a .010mm layer height with adjusted supports. Once this is actually fine tuned, the boots, along with binoculars (already available) will be for sale on my Etsy store. They're set up for 1/35 scale modeling if anyone is looking for any :

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  1. Wow. I've spent the last several years unsuccessfully trying to get an image to print on decal paper. I salute anyone who has your talent and skill. I wonder, another title for this article could be "Das Boot"

  2. Those designs are really impressive, Brian @brithebuilder
    I fully understand why we haven't heard from you for a long time, such designs definitely consume a lot of time.

    • Thanks John - @johnb. There's more to it as well, doing a lot of paperwork for an upcoming life change, and learning/relearning ZBrush, and just finished another semester of school with all the grading... It's been a lot.

  3. Nice work, Brian (@brithebuilder). Good variety of boots. It's cool that you are selling your prints on Etsy. Good luck on your upcoming life change.

  4. Can you do them in a UK size 8 ?, haha! ,they look great .

  5. Very cool. I’ve not heard of ZBrush, looks interesting. The only issues I run into with 3D modeling at 1:1 scale and shrinking at the print is some of the thicknesses don’t hold up as they scale. The boots don’t seem to have that issues due to their organic form.

    If you get good at it and start modeling full figures you could sell dozens.

    • ZBrush is the main tool in the 3D world for digital sculpting. And funny you should say that, I'm working on a full figure currently. A friend who is a retired Navy SARC is also the dude who commissioned the boots. I'll be posting the first figure soonish... There will be a series of 3 at 1:6 scale. The big hurdle in my mind is still how to set up the keys so it can be printed in sections and assembled as a sort of model kit.

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