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I've been building model kits since I was a kid and just recently started shooting and editing video of the whole process. I started putting content on YouTube, where I am also @brithebuilder, to share a build I was doing for a friend and I've found that I really enjoy putting my work out there for people to see.

Feel free to check out my work: https://linktr.ee/brithebuilder

Ford GT - Tamiya 1/24 with Photoetch and LEDs

I purchased this kit and the photoetch for it about a year ago. I had a bunch of other projects I was doing for friends that took precedence for quite a while. I was also stalling as I was a bit intimidated by the PE. Elements of the PE [...]

Painting the Archduke of Mousin

This project came about as an offshoot of the recent Red Dragon project. As I submitted images of the Dragon to a painting contest, there were several variants of this guy submitted. I really like the idea of a little mouse community where [...]

Ancient Red Dragon

I purchased the .STL file from Lord of the Print a while back and the printed and assembled model sat on top of my computer for quite a while. I wasn't looking forward to fixing all of the seams, there was a lot of sanding and filling to [...]

Sandtrooper riding Dewback

My love of Star Wars started when I was 7. My Dad took me to the theater in Ashland, WI shortly after Episode IV - A New Hope opened. As we sat there eating popcorn the giant star destroyer entered the scene and just kept getting bigger. I [...]

Warhammer 40KAcastus Knight Asterius

One of the more elaborate projects I've ever worked on. This was a present for a friend I teach with. The other instructors and myself all chipped in to buy this stupidly expensive model kit, I ended up purchasing a bunch more parts from [...]

Ork Warboss

I recently completed this project for my Youtube channel. The model kit was purchased as a downloadable .stl file from www.mezgike.com. I printed it at 200% to allow me to add LEDs to both the weapon and the power box on the back of the [...]