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I model WWII aircraft and armor, a little Star Trek, and an occasional dinosaur. Mostly I collect kits that I'll never have time to build. I have been a teacher, historic site manager, injection plastics QC inspector/manager, book wholesaler, classical music composer, violist, and symphony orchestra office manager.

I believe that Black lives matter, too. I am a rational empiricist, lean a bit to the left, and help others whenever I can. I'm a dog person and would do OK with cats if dogs didn't have such an affinity for cat poop.

I read the local daily newspaper, books and magazines mostly about science, and follow two cartoon strip sites. Our cable provider has three classical music channels, and CBS All Access has Star Trek: Discovery and Picard. Life is basically good.

I built 1/72 airplanes and armor until I couldn't see the finer parts and points, then switched to 1/48 airplanes and 1/35 armor. I have way too many kits which my chemist/corporate manager wife and her former employer moved over much of the eastern US. We are now retired and happily ensconced in Greensboro, NC, near our alma mater, Eastern Music Festival, and all the other cultural opportunities that make our life enjoyable.

Review: Tora, Tora, Tora! Eduard's New A6M Type 21 Zeros

Today I received a shipment from Hannants with Eduard's first release of its A6M Zero series. Think of what Eduard has accomplished during this time of the Covid Pandemic: continued their Bf 109 series, made good progress on the early [...]

Ki-84 HayateTamiya 1/48 (Original 1972 export boxing)

Last summer I was rearranging a stash shelf to make room for another kit I won’t live long enough to build when I found and opened a box of the 1972 Tamiya Ki-84 Hayate. It had been started so long ago I have no idea exactly when, saw a [...]